It is no secret that the Rays occasionally have trouble scoring runs. And if you want to know why, you need look no further than some of the players that receive regular playing time.

You guys don’t need us to tell you that Kelly Shoppach and Reid Brignac can’t hit, anymore than you need us to tell you that BJ Upton occasionally has a brainfart on the basepaths. It is just common Rays baseball sense.

But just how bad have Shoppach and Brignac been? We are less than a week from the break and both guys are hitting below .200. Well below .200. But how does that compare to other sucky hitters. Let’s add it up…

So far this season, there are 327 players with at least 120 plate appearances. Shoppach’s .168 batting average is 326th, better than only Adam Dunn (.167). Brignac is not much better at .187, which ranks 316th.

But that is batting average. Not the best indiator of overall ability. So what about OPS? Shoppach’s .556 OPS ranks 318th in baseball. And yet, that is still 100 points better than Briggy Baseball who has a .450 OPS, 326th in baseball. The only player worse than Brignac is Franklin Guitierrez of the Mariners (.446).

So pick your poison. Shoppach or Brignac? Two of the worst hitters in baseball. Is it any surprise that the Rays occasionally struggle to score runs?



  1. LoLJFH says:

    The worst part is that Maddon has to hide them in the bottom of the lineup. Net result: 2 easy, quick outs to kill a rally or the top half of an inning. No margin for error after that. The other area of concern is that they swing and miss so much and look absolutely overmatched. Slow bat speed, poor swings, and they both seem to be off balance. Maybe Kotch can suggest an eye doctor.

  2. Don says:

    MAddon doesnt “have to hide them in the bottom of the lineup. THat is HIS choice to even play them…so let the dumb ass suffer with his own stubborness!

    • LoLJFH says:

      I grant you that he is stubborn but so far he has made lemonade. However, he has to play the people the organization allows him to keep on his 25-man roster, so he puts them in the back end of the lineup (re:hiding/minimzing impact as much as possible). He can’t sit them day in and day out never playing them or agents go nuts and Players Assoc gets pissy, etc… You can minimze their impact by NOT using them in the same game and utilizing EJ or Sean and Jaso more often (which appears to be the trend the past 4-5 games). Maddon has NO power about who is sent down, traded, released.

  3. zenny says:

    And at precisely the same instant I start to type a comment agreeing with his awfulness, Shop hits a 2-run bomb.

    I’ma try to open up this post every time he comes to bat, imo.

    • LoLJFH says:

      I swear this has to be Corky using long distance reverse psychology, no other reasonable explanation! Or maybe pitcher tripped in delivery, speed slowed to 78, ball was wind aided?

  4. Kelly checkin' in from Minny says:

    How you like them apples?

  5. Kelly checkin' in from Minny says:

    Bet you guys think its my fault that Wade can’t throw strikes too. I’ll hit another bomb in a few minutes.

  6. Beth says:

    Yes, we have two of the worst hitters in baseball — but at least we’re not stupid enough to pay them Adam Dunn money. And we could probably survive these two if we didn’t also have Rodriguez and Johnson barely above .200. I’d say poor hitting this season is truly a team effort.

  7. Kelly checkin' in from Minny says:

    A homer and a walk – my OPS just jumped like a million points.

    • Beth says:

      And then a strikeout.

      When Shoppach and Rodriguez draw walks on the same day, you know the opposing pitcher really has lost the strike zone.

  8. ALLEN says:

    Bad hitters? D. Johnson, Brignac, Shoppach, Rodriquez, E. Johnson, Jaso, Upton, Joyce (last 8 games), Longoria (last 8 games before today). Did I leave anyone out? Did I include someone who should not have been included? Can Longoria ever be as good as Mike Schmidt at 3rd? I thought so, and I still hope so.

    I wish Maddon would give us a steady lineup and not move everyone around so much. It seems the only steady batting positions go to Damon, Zobrist and Longoria.

  9. werD says:


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