We didn’t watch one second of the ESPY’s, which is a good thing. Because it looked like Evan Longoria was heading to a his high school graduation with the khaki pants, braided belt, and a jacket that looks like he would have trouble buttoning up. At least it explains his frosted tips. But, hey, if anybody can make 1995 look sexy, it is Dirtbag.



  1. Sarah says:

    Here’s one “chick” giving a thumbs down to the ascot. Well, not just the ascot – the whole ensemble.

    Lately when I’ve seen Longoria’s hair and fashion choices I’ve mostly felt that the guy either needs better advisors, or a girlfriend who will say “you’re not wearing THAT, are you?”

  2. Chris Mooney says:

    I always get the sense that Longo is one of those guys that is trying a little too hard to be a fashion icon. When in reality, if he just wore a t-shirt and some torn jeans, he would be a fashion icon. He would set the t-shirt trends and the jean trends. And he would look good doing it.

  3. Joe says:

    Eh, Longo won all the chicks over with his little yoga video. Standing on his head, shirtless with all women around him. Nice move, Longo.

    • Namirsolo says:

      Wait, there is a video of the yoga? Link please.

      Anyway, he tweeted that he and his friends were going for an Anchorman look, so I think they know they looked kind of ridiculous. Personally, I think it’s either the ascott OR the tie, you don’t do both.

  4. Don says:

    Hes probably getting ready for his girlfriends Senior prom..OH to be young and rich the opportunities are unlimited..but then you play baseball like your tired all the time….just saying

    • mary says:

      You know I had a conversation with someone who knows Longoria very well and sees him out in Tampa. He says Longoria never acts or drinks like you claim to know he does and that the people in Tampa admire and like him. He has had a few injuries this year that have bothered him. But
      you need to stop with the he’s play ing tired and not caring. You say the stupidest things. Also he’s lost about 10 lbs. You all know nothing about anything

      • Chris Mooney says:

        “you all”? I might have been on board until you painted your broad stroke.

        Now, let’s break this down…

        1. You know somebody.
        2. That person isn’t friends or related to Longoria, but just “sees him out.”
        3. Supposedly Longoria told your friend some stuff. And that friend told you.
        4. Not only do you believe every word. You now expect us to believe every word.

        My dear, what you are referring to is “hearsay.” and I am willing to bet that this “hearsay” is coming to you via somebody that is enamored with Longo. And right there, your comments, if they really happened, have little or no credibility. Sorry.

      • Beth says:

        Mary, your obsession with defending Longoria is getting a little bizarre. I honestly think Evan’s reputation will survive Don’s semi-literate blather. Just let it go.

        • Caity says:

          Eh, most people dont even know about his party lifestyle anyways (if his party lifestyle is what like Don says it is) I personally dont really care. As long as he gets back to the Evan that most people know and love, than most people will continue to not care.

          • Beth says:

            You are absolutely right, Caity. Only Don and Mary seem obsessed with his private life. For the rest of us, we just want our Gold Glove 3 baseman back.

  5. Gus says:

    Good clothes were stolen with his Camaro and AK-47.

    I’ve thought all year he looks way too heavy. Wearing his grandfathers’ ensemble doesn’t help.

    • Beth says:

      Earlier in the year he said he’d purposely put on some weight because in past years he’s lost 10 – 15 pounds over the course of the season and felt depleted by the end. So it seemed like an actual strategy (rather than just not being able to resist Krispy Kreme, like it is for the rest of us). But maybe just not such a successful strategy?

  6. Caity says:

    Hey, Cork did you see his friends’s outfits?. they were wayyy worse than his… just saying.. well his was pretty bad too.


  7. Caity says:

    Thanks Beth :) I mean, he’s my favorite player, but I dont really care what he does off the diamond unless I hear about him driving drunk. He’s 25, and he’s going to do what every 25 year who’s single and doesnt have any kids does. Just let him live his life, and we can watch him play gold glove baseball like he should be playing.

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