We posted a link to this earlier today, but a lot of people are asking, so here it is on the front page (click on image for a larger version)…

There is apparently some talk that this play was in retaliation for Kotchman’s slide at second base in the second inning.

We went back and looked but neither broadcast shows a good replay. Kotchman actually slides early as he ducks under the relay throw. So it definitely wasn’t a late slide. And the Red Sox broadcast shows Dustin Pedroia running off the field just fine.

So until we see a replay that shows that Kotchman went in spikes-high, we are just going to assume this is just Red Sox fans trying to justify a dirty act.



  1. Alex says:

    I hate Youkillis but that didn't look intentional to me. Looked like a guy running hard and Casey was just at a weird angle because of the throw. If he stepped on him I would call it intentional but it just looked like he clipped him

    • Stoney says:


      you are an idiot! The barrel bellied cunt from Boston wasn't running the line, he was running AT Kotchman. And a normal stride would have taken him past 1st base. I'm surprised the play was that close, actually , considing the 'I gotta go pee-pee' dance that Youkilis puts on in the batter's box.

      Take Neander-chins cock out of your mouth and maybe his balls won't block your view of the play.

  2. Joe says:

    He sorta makes a half step at the end there where his foot should be landing on the back but it stops to hit Kotchman's leg. It looked bad but who knows and I don't want us getting into brawls and suspensions over that.

    • Sarah says:

      I would agree that it's ambiguous. If it weren't Youk we'd probably assume it was an innocent mistake.

  3. Beau says:

    I think Youk was WAY inside the base path, no reason to be there. He waited until the last possible moment to get back on the chalk. Look at the MLB site's replay that shows other angles. IMO, it is dirty and it amazes me that there is no mention of it outside of TB. I think tiny dance will get plunked tonight.

  4. Justin says:

    What about the fact he's running a foot and a half inside the baseline? Busch league if you ask me.

  5. Cork Gaines says:

    Let me add this: Let's ignore that he ran inside the baseline. and let's ignore that Youkilis doesn't even seem to lose stride.

    But how often does this happen? The only times I recall seeing a first baseman get stepped on is when they are having trouble finding the bag and their foot ends up on top of the bag.

    And how many times has Youkilis run from home to first base in his career? tens of thousands? He could run from home to first with his eyes closed. He knows where the bag is.

    This shouldn't have happened. Maybe, *maybe* I'd buy it was an accident if this was a rookie. But not Youk.

  6. Rg says:

    I say we start Farnsworth and let him drill Puke(that's what I holler at him when he's in the on deck circle). Bring in Hellboy when things settle down.

  7. Ian says:

    I agree. It really does look like an intentional play. Especially if you just started watching baseball 3 years ago and don't consider that Youkilis is thrown at about as much as anyone in baseball and as a former 1st baseman has been spiked by players hitting 1st base with far more obvious intent. Can we get a graph that shows ownership's confidence that more than 10,000 will show up to the game tonight?

  8. Joe D. says:

    I was at last nights game, I thought that Kotchman's slide earlier in the game was hard but clean, fairly routine. The play at first I was dazzled by Longo's play, and followed the throw to first, and saw Kotchman look luger he got shot, I sat in the 200's so I got to see the replay right away, and I thought it was wierd that Youk was at least a foot or so inside where you usually run to first.

    I think of the Upton play (last year? Or year before) where he ran it out to first, glanced toward second and got tagged out because his "glance" counted as a "motion" toward second. Seems to me Youk had to know how close that play would be and make sure he was veering toward the dugout if he had "clean" intentions. Goes back to the old saying intentional or not you need to know how to play the game the right way, and baseball police's it self, enjoy your bruise and welt Youk.

  9. KG says:

    Wow Stoney calm the F down. That play was unfortunate, but not dirty. Get over it! Kotchman himself said it was not dirty THE END! This hatred is pretty comical though I must say. You losers, who are mad about this, are probably the same who booed Crawford.

  10. I would like to congratulate David Price for drilling Youklis, notice that the Sox did not retaliate. They knew that Youklis was wrong and the umpire did not eject him. One off the unwritten rules of baseball is that you don't hit a first baseman when he's in his stretch. Hellickson might have won his start if he had the balls to after Youklis, he has a lot to learn before he earns the name, Hell Boy!

  11. I'm not convinced it was intentional or dirty, but either way Puke-ilis is still a dickhead and I love seeing him get plunked.

    I have no problem with anybody who booes Crawford at the Trop. He should expect it if his heart really is in Boston.


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