Last time we checked in with the attendance, things didn’t look good. Now that we are past the one-third mark of the season, the numbers are starting to trend upward, but the numbers still look bad.

After 19 home games this season, the Rays were

averaging 16,312 tickets sold per game. That was down 29.5 percent from the same point a year ago. Now, 11 games later, the Rays are averaging 17,954 tickets sold. That is up more than 1,600 per game, but still down 18.5 percent from a year ago.

The Rays are currently 29th in attendance, ahead of only the Marlins (17,180).

After 30 home games in 2010, the Rays were averaging 22,040 per game. They would finish the season with an attendance figure of 1.86 million (23,025 per game). This year, the Rays are on pace for just 1.45 million. That would be the team’s lowest mark since 2007 (1.39 million).



  1. Droman says:

    What are the excuses this year?

  2. Don says:

    Moving up....they were down 30%..just wait till boston/NY come to town...18,000 people a day to see Bal. clev, Min CWS TOR, TX...way to go Rays...good your less than .500 record at home really motivates the avg. fan go to see you stink up the place, If it wasn't for MR. BUD I would have gone to sleep yesterday (wed. afternoon)...0 runs, 0 runs.. Really?


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