The Rays bats came alive! 

Well, sort of. Three runs scratched out in the second inning and a collective whimper the rest of the way. But it was enough for a W. We’ll take it.

Johnny Damon in the leadoff hole seems to be working out. What a novel concept. He’s never hit there before.

Hellboy brought the goods again through 7 1/3 and took down his ERA to 2.64. Damn, Joe’s pulling for the kid to get in the All-Star game. Kyle Farnsworth spared fans what seemed like a surefire cardiac ninth, and Hellboy grabbed his seventh win.

Evan Longoria bailing out of the game with another oblique/abdominal issue is beyond troubling. Yeah, the Rays had that great run in April and May without him, but there’s probably not another historic miracle in their bag of tricks.

The thought of another prolonged Dirtbag absence is enough to give Joe hives.

For now, it’s time to savor a win. It’s been too long.





  1. Joe says:

    Longoria should be in the lineup tomorrow according to both Maddon and Evan. He wont be missing another month.

  2. pete says:

    It's time to get the Big 3 in our rotation all firing at the same time and Davis needs to revert back to 2010 2nd half.

    This offense is in trouble and i don't think that we have a Buster Posey type guy in our system that can the dynamic of this offense enough to make a difference. I also don't think giving up 3 solid prospects for a rental type before the deadline is an option either but thats just me.

    Am i the only one that saw 2011 as a rebuilding year with more magic for the rays just around the corner in 2012? You are following the wrong team if you expect the rays to start overpaying for talent to fill holes and not rely on the process that has made it possible to enjoy 3 straight winning years and being in the middle of a 4th after losing an entire bullpen an all star left fielder and a slugging 1st baseman. not to mention a guy who tossed our only no hitter.

    • Joe says:

      If 2011 is infact a season of what's store for out future then can we please have Jennings instead of Ruggiano? Chirinos instead of Shoppach? Gomes or McGee instead of Sonnanstine?

      I still have to go with Shields but now it's getting very close and I don't mean Price. Who is our staff ace at the moment? It may just be Hellickson, he's been the one stopping the bleeding and has 7 wins already.

      • pete says:

        Right now i think James Shields is again the Ace of the staff. Hellickson is the ROY and Jennings will arrive at the All Star break.

        The only guy being held down because of money is Jennings but Boras is his agent and if he becomes a star like we all hope that he does then i'd rather pay him before 2014 then 2013.

        Are we sure Guyer and Chirinos are ready? Personally i'm not sold on either of them. Lobaton for Shoppach needs to happen but even that isn't going to make a dramatic impact on the team.

        I think we will know a lot more going into July. If the team runs off another 21-7

        • pete says:

          ... another 21-7 run then where do we stand? but if we continue to play sub .500 baseball then the turnover you want will happen. So will the Trades of Upton and Possibly Shields.

  3. ray fan for life says:

    Hey Bill Hall was released by Houston we should get him

  4. Don says:

    WIthout Johnny Damon(in 2011) this bunch of underachievers WOULD have quit faster than Longoria with a hang nail....thank THE baseball gods for Hellboy & Damon for making 2011 somewhat interesting....


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