Yes, the Rays won. Yes, Kelly Shoppach (!) of all people gave the Rays a two-run lead by leading off the bottom of the third.

But the offense still stunk out loud. Half of the Rays eight hits came in the last two at-bats. Good thing the Rays were playing the Dead Fish, otherwise a win very easily could have been a loss.

Don’t be fooled. This offense is grossly offensive. Take Matt Joyce and the Magic of Kotch out of this lineup and there are Double-A teams with as much punch.

Joe has stated this before and it bears repeating: Joe thinks more of Gary Shelton as a hitting instructor than Derek Shelton.

Wade Davis looked pretty sharp though. He needed to face a team like the Dead Fish to try to right himself. Of course, Goggles got the job done as he has all season.

But the way this offense stinks out loud, Goggles won’t see August in a Rays uniform. If there is an Exhibit-A for a firesale, it is Goggles.



  1. Michael says:

    It will suck if they firesale. (except for firesaling BJ Upton for another crate of Double Bubble) They really needed to win that Boston series to help avoid that.

    The Yankees are hurting. It would be a shame if they limped into a wildcard.

  2. Rays did what they had to – - – they won a game and scored 5 runs and this clown is complaining? Why does this writer continually make up forced/idiotic names for players like “Goggles”?
    It’s like reading something a failed Chris Berman intern would write


  3. Steve says:

    Joe must listen to alot of 620 WDAE from 3pm until Rays baseball. Your negative outlook on this team is a little puzzling. The Rays are struggling a bit at the plate but are still winning games. Call me an optimist but I think this is a positive because the bats will come around and as long as the pitching & D stays consistent and bull pen holds up there is no reason why the Rays won’t contend for the WC.

  4. Ryan says:

    I agree Derek Shelton is terrible at his job and he should have never been brought back for this season. Sometimes Joe is too loyal, almost to a fault (Sonny). But lets look at the game as a whole, the Rays scored 5 runs and we won because WD allowed just one run in 6 innings. You would think being a Rays fan (as long as your not a bandwagon fan) you would be able to find positives out of situations such as this instead of negative ones. We had a decade of losing and I would still find a positive outlook on games, why complain now? Let’s not turn into obnoxious fans who are never satisfied like the Red Sox or Yankees. We won, now lets turn the page to the next game.

    • Don says:

      You don’t know the difference between an “obnoxious fan” and a “passive fan” which is like you..”the team is not hitting and making mistakes… but we won… so be happy”….
      Sorry many of us want/expect better than .500 baseball…the past bad years can not constantly be brought up to justify how the team is playing NOW….If YOUR happy with mediocre play fine…but many of us expect better out of their teams including Red Sox/Yankee fans

    • Derek says:

      You think Maddon has say about who comes and goes?

      Stop blaming the hitting coach and start blaming the hitters.

      Actually, why blame anybody? It’s nobody’s fault that Brignac is garbage. Shelton didn’t break him, he is just a crap hitter.

      I’m not sure how you can say Zobrist hasn’t gotten better. What about Joyce? Sean Rodriguez can’t hit right handers. What can Shelton do about that? Pour magic powder on him?

      • Sarah says:

        I agree that the knee-jerk “fire the coach” can be tiresome. But in your view, does a hitting coach do anything of value, and is he responsible for any hitting deficits at all on the team? If he bears no responsibility at all for performance, why have a coach?

        • Derek says:

          Is it even Knee-jerk at this point? It’s been going on for a year.

          I don’t think they are useless, just that the public blames them for stuff they can’t fix.

          A lot of people are pointing to Joyce’s ability to go they other way as the reason for his success this season. Something like that could be an example for how hitting coaches help. But as for Zobrist swinging at curveballs and change-ups, what can Shelton do about that? I am, it’s safe to assume Shelton has told him not to swing. Yet he still does it. How is that Shelton’s fault? It’s the same thing for BJ and the slider.

          Someone argued with me on here before. They said that it’s Shelton’s job to prepare his hitters for each day’s starting pitcher. And it is, but are we really going to assume that the FO would keep him around, or even hire him, if they thought he was terrible at doing that? No. The hitters are just terrible at using what they learned.

          The Rays paid and drafted the guys who pitch and play defense, it’s time for us, as fans, to learn that that’s how they win games. And it will be that way until they can afford to pay for the big bats too.

  5. LoLJFH says:

    While we are winning the games we should be winning, we are losing games to teams we should be winning as well. The reason? Our hitting. Situational and otherwise. I am glad we are winning and I only expected 88-74 this year – good for a $41mm team but not playoff worthy unless we magically appear in the AL Central. Funny the Rangers fire their hitting coach 2 weeks ago and they were hitting 30 points higher than we were/are, striking out less, scoring more – we make excuses for the batters and not the coach (yeah, okay, they bat – he coaches – I get it – move along, nothing to see here). It is the approach at the plate Gary, er Derek, brings to the team. They are boring to watch and difficult to stomach. I attend 5-6 games a year on average and watch the rest but I am so fed up watching them overall right now due to sheer boredom I can’t imagine going. Wonder why seats were empty in BoSux series? B-O-R-I-N-G. I can only watch so much pitching and defense and nothing else.

    • Derek says:

      They use metal bats in college, go watch them.

      Your expectations of this team’s offensive skills was too high, and now you have to pay the price for that. Not Maddon, not Shelton, you.

    • Sarah says:

      I’m baffled — what about their approach at the plate makes the team boring? Do you think only a high scoring game can be exciting? I’d prefer that the Rays hit better because they’ll win more games, but I’m happy with a well-played 2-1 game!

  6. Ryan says:

    I worked in the Rays clubhouse in 2006 when we had the worst record in the Majors so ya I find things to be positive about otherwise I would be miserable. The hitting sucks, I know but we won so I’ll take it. I was there when the hitting coach was Hendu and he taught the players to be aggressive and if you like a pitch swing at it. Shelton is the polar opposite which is why guys are taking steps back. They are falling into 0-2 1-2 counts and getting horrible pitches to hit. I can tell you for a FACT that Joe decides who his coaches are, not the front office.

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