In 2009, Grant Balfour, sat out the World Baseball Classic at the request of the Rays. And with the next WBC scheduled for 2013, Balfour says he is pulling his name out of consideration because he hates all the drug testing

Balfour, who is currently on the roster of the Oakland Athletics, says he wouldn’t want to go through the time-consuming drug testing for the 2013 World Classic only to have his club again force him not to compete…”It gets a little hectic, you’ve got to fill out these forms every day,” Balfour told AAP after Oakland’s 6-3 loss to Boston at Fenway Park on Sunday…You’ve got to tell them where you’re at and what time of the day for all the drug testing and stuff and it got a little bit too much…I was like, `geez, I’ve got nothing to hide, I get tested here whenever they want’…It got a little bit much.”

Hey. We get it. Supporting your country can be a bitch when there is all that paperwork during the off-season. Poor guy.

And yes, that image above is from the STFD moment in the 2008 ALDS.



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