Yesterday, Evan Longoria anounced via Twitter that he would be unveiling a new haircut during the game. We’ll admit, we were a little worried he was going to come out bald. Turns out, Dirtbag just wanted to get in touch with his inner Wild Thing

Well, if that wasn’t bad enough. We then got shots of Matt Joyce’s new haircut…

And Joe Maddon’s lack of a haircut…

Apparently, we are the only ones in the Raysiverse to follow Maddon’s wishes of no haircuts. We haven’t trimmed our locks since pitcher and catchers reported. And unfortunately for Mrs. Prof, it looks like a dead squirrel is sitting on top of our head.



  1. Caity says:

    Dear God what the hell is on Joyce head?. A furbie, a Raccoon, what?.

  2. Joe D says:

    I'm growing the hair out too prof.!


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