We honestly have no idea what is going on in the picture. But apparently it was taken during a recent game . So we leave it up to you amateur captionistas. You tell us: what is going on in this picture?

photo by Nick Martinez




  1. Charles says:

    “Dammit, we’re late for the flash mob!”

  2. Louanne says:

    “It’s fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A”

  3. Joel Verlin says:

    Is this a baseball game or a song in a musical?

  4. Copley says:


    That is tyler Bortnick!!! The photgrapher developed multiple shots on one picture. It looks nuntso but really its bortnick being a tiny dancer!!

  5. Amanda says:

    Dang, that’s a great trick by the photog! I’ll still go along and play (and stick with the musical theme):

    “Throw out your hands … stick out your tush ….”

  6. Pablo says:

    “I got it…No, I got it!…Nobody caught it.”

  7. KillaTapes says:

    In an effort to outdo Major League manager Joe Maddon, Charlotte Stone Crabs manager Jim Morrison utilizes the ultimate shift.

  8. Joe D. says:

    Mine, mine, mine-mmmine, mi-mmmine,mi-mimmine… (think seagulls from nemo)

  9. Andy says:

    If Glazer can invest in ManU, then Stu can buy into The Rockettes. But doing Spring Training together may not be very wise.

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