This will probably come as a surprise to some [via]…

A new study out concludes that the San Diego Padres have the best season-ticket sales team in Major League Baseball…According to SportsBusiness Journal, the survey graded agents’ proficiency by having mystery shoppers call the clubs and inquire about buying season tickets…The Cleveland Indians ranked second to San Diego, followed by the New York Yankees, Tampa Bay and Oakland. Colorado and Detroit scored at the bottom among the 25 teams surveyed.

We are going to withhold comment until we have had a chance to read the original study. But this does seem to contradict the conspiracy theories out there that the Rays don’t want to sell tickets, thus forcing a move out of St. Pete.



  1. Jordi says:

    I'd like to know what the weight is of tickets to season tickets, the number of season ticket staff, percentage reaching quotas, and percentage of whole vs partial season ticket packages.

  2. SeanDubbs says:

    I received a call and was impressed with the pitch, but being in Lakeland and having a family makes purchasing season tickets an unrealistic dream of mine. However she wasn't unable to overcome my biggest buying objection, moving the team to the Fairgrounds.

  3. Gus says:

    Oft-repeated line from me: the toughest job in Tampa Bay -- selling season tickets for the Rays.

    They want to sell the tickets, but management makes it very hard for them. Drawing close to 2 million in this market with an owner who refuses to spend any money and criticizes his own stadium loccation is an outright miracle.

  4. J.W. says:

    I had season tickets for 2.5 years and dropped them before this season. I got postcards but no call, and frankly service was bad for most of last season. Maybe I fell through the cracks because my season ticket rep switched jobs last year, but I was pretty disappointed.

  5. Marshall says:

    Gus, you have that backwards. Selling season tickets for the Rays is the EASIEST job in Tampa Bay. Great seats are available at all times and the prices are the lowest in the majors. Plus the discount and season ticket holder perks are superb. It's the equivalent of being the first real estate broker in the wild wild west. Problem is, the job doesn't pay that well and the best reps end up moving up with the company pretty quick. I had a gem of a rep for the last few years and when she was promoted I was stuck with an immature rookie. Very disappointing. There must be some pro salespeople out there looking for work that know how to treat a customer. If the Rays org can find those people and allow them to maintain relationships with their customers then the sky, er, the dome's the limit as far as season ticket sales go.


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