Here’s what we know: Avril Lavigne, who performed the post-game concert yesterday, had her microphone go out at one point. The crowd booed. Lavigne responded by “peppering the crowd with a series of sbscenities.” After the concert, the Rays public-address announcer apologized to the crowd by saying, “That’s not what the Tampa Bay Rays are about.”

Here’s what we are speculating: The crowd probably wasn’t booing Lavigne. They were probably booing the situation. This reminds us of EVERY time a home team’s batter gets hit by a pitch and the crowd boos. And then the broadcast person basically calls the crowd ignorant for booing because there is no way the pitch was intentional. Which is of course ironically ignorant. Why can’t a crowd just not like that their player got hit by a pitch? Just because they don’t like their player getting hit, doesn’t mean they think it was on purpose.

And yes, we can see why the Rays felt the need to apologize. But this is not the first time foul language was heard at a rock concert. If you don’t want your fans hearing that type of language, then you might just want to stick with “The Wiggles.”



  1. Rome says:

    I understand why the Rays would make their statement, but really? It's a "Rock" show where you have an artist who is not really the icon for values. In the same breath, Lavigne should have shown some class and corked her mouth. Dead mic do happen, just shut up play your 30 minute set and be on your way.


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