Damn. Walking in the winning run. Stinks, but Joe can’t get too upset over this win.

Sonny is a spot starter and long reliever yet he pitched admirably against a team that is hot, on the road no less.

Aside from the walks (yeah, Joe knows, “Don’t worry Mrs. Theismann, aside from Joe’s broken leg, he’s a fine quarterback.”), the Rays pitching was fine. The Indians had 14 at-bats with men in scoring position and got a grand total of one in those 14-attempts. That’s damned good in Joe’s eyes.

Each time the Rays trailed, they battled back and, of course, flashed leather when needed, such as Briggy and the Magic of Kotch, who really should be the everyday first baseman. It is such a no-brainer.

Joe can’t get too upset over this loss. Many had thrown in the towel with Sonny getting the start. Yet if not for walks, they win.

Just gotta cut down on those damned walks.



  1. I agree, but I'm still just pissed.

  2. ALLEN says:

    What was it? 0 balls and 2 strikes and Farnsworth throws four straight balls? That's pathetic. 11 walks. Pathetic. I hate walks. If you're afraid to pitch to a hitter, you ought not be pitching. I wasn't able to watch this game and I'm glad. I hate walks. To which reliever can Madden turn with confidence? No one at this time. Throw strikes men---throw strikes.

  3. Ken Heller says:

    Tough loss. A couple of calls for Cruz and Farnsworth and maybe we pull it out. D. Johnson's gotta go, we need a right handed bat to spell Kotchman and Fuld. A catcher is also looking like a high priority.

    • Joe Rays Fan says:

      Catcher? C'mon. Jaso is the best double-clutcher in the league and nobody fails to catch strikes and pitches out of the dirt like him.

  4. Don says:

    Maddon is supermanager..HE can stop a speeding train(Rays win streak) any time he wants...
    Start our only minor league pitcher "softball Sonnanstine" and let Damon "rest" on the bench AFTER a day off..what his leggs tired?..afer sitting on the bench & DH the last 30 days....
    Contest; what amount of time (years) when Maddon realizes that Sonn. does NOT belong.....play the kids they can walk hitters and give up HRs as well as HE can


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