The Rays smacked the cover off the ball, banged out clutch hits and continued the thorough humiliation of Baltimore on Saturday, but Joe’s just so fired up about what complete baseball the team is playing.

Reid Brignac and Sam Fuld are Double-A hitters at this point, but still are dialed in on defense, along with seemingly everyone else minus the catcher who can’t catch. 

Fuld is just one sick dude who never takes off a play. Two more gems added today. Joe will proudly wear Fuld’s cape when they give it out later this month, even if he’s hitting .190 by then.

Does Casey Kotchman get a cape day if he gets closer to .400?

It’s fair to say that with today’s double and homer Longoria has found his stroke, and his impact at third base can’t be quantified.

Sure the Rays can’t keep the latest run (18-6) up all season, but it feels very relaxed and sustainable. The bullpen is money, the road is no obstacle, and first place could be shared tonight. Why not us?





  1. St Aug Ryan says:

    Awesome job Rays. Hoping to be in first by the end of tonight but the Rangers are trying to blow it against the Spankees. Go Rays, keep up the good work.

  2. Paul says:

    Yankees lose, Rays join them at the top of the pile.

    Who'da thunk it 24 games ago?!

    So many good things about this team, but does anyone really feel that we woulda got where we are without the Legend of Sam Fuld? Between him and Damon, they provided the impetus for this team to claw their way back from the dead. Sure, it is *still* early, but we might just have been out of contention but for the spark those 2 gave us.

    Great to see Zorilla come in and pick up the slack when our 1 and 2 hitters cooled off a bit, he's back to '09 standards. Tonight proved also that his 8 RBI game is exactly what he said it is....a case of his teammates getting on base to give him the chance to get the runs in. He coulda had the same amount tonight if he was batting 5th or 6th.

    And despite his problems at the plate, Sam proved that you don't have to do your work behind the plate to be productive - he saved us a minimum of 2 runs tonight.

  3. Don says:

    GOOD PITCHING with a few good hitters and STRONG defense is IT..
    BUT tired of BAL. TOR MIN. LA......but the 1st showdown comes MAY 16/17 Mon. & TUE night...
    dont want to hear how many Yankee FAns are there if Rays fans DON"T buy Tickets NOW Before those last min. buyers show up...

    IF you are NOT there (at least) one game don't call yourself a Rays yourself a TV watcher with no life....I"LL be there BOTH Games!
    Price, Shields, YAnkees, cold BEER (forget $9) GO FOR IT!


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