The whole point of this column is to offer a little instant reaction to the Rays game.

But frankly, all Joe can do at this point is stand and applaud. What the hell else is there when your team’s on a 22-8 run and the starting pitching is a step beyond extraordinary?

Essentially, the Rays are playing near-perfect baseball. And the organization continues to urinate on its division foes with a low-budget winner.

The complete game by Jeremy Hellickson tonight was a total gem. The way this kid throws a changeup in the 70s to setup his average fastball is truly special. Hellboy works the plate like a cagey 30-year-old junkballer, not a guy steamrolling toward a Rookie of the Year award.

Joe has to thank the Rays for this great baseball. It’s just too much fun. Johnny Damon hacking away at garbage behind in the count and jacking a late homer was incredible icing on the cake.

Right now, Joe’s going to pretend that nothing can get in the Rays’ way.





  1. Don says:

    Hellickson puts new meaning on Smoooooth....
    Kid looks like he could go to sleep on the mound if he had to....
    Up to Davis to keep the Train going TODAY....don't know about Sonny Sunday.... what a shame.....


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