Coming off the David Price masterpiece, Saturday’s unraveling against the Tribe was thoroughly frustrating.

From the crappy strikeout call against Johnny Damon to Kelly Shoppach tossing his bat in the stands — dude can’t hit, now he can’t even hold the bat — to sloppy defense and 19 runners left on base, the Rays flushed away a quality start by James Shields.

Joe can’t take away some top-shelf pieces of hitting by the Indians, but this one overall is tough to swallow, especially as the good guys sit two games out of first and two games out of the cellar.

Is the glass half full or half empty?

A look at the lineup card hardly inspires that half-full feeling in the AL East.





  1. Tone says:

    I am officially ready for the eventual BJ Upton trade to happen. Having high expectations for him because of his amazing tools has long past for me. He is paid good money(in Rays terms at least) and yet he shows the obvious frustration of a rookie. I know Jennings might not have the same tools Upton does, but I have a feeling he can at least be more consistent; and that is what this team needs most in my opinion. Longoria is streaky(yet in his 3 years still more consistent than Upton), so it just seems having two very streaky players like both Upton and Longoria in the line-up is problematic. If the line-up had fewer weak spots it would be fine, but this team is offensively challenged. Cork, is it possible for you to find out what kind of options there are in an Upton trade, whether they could get just prospects or possible Major League ready talent. I know the Nationals like him, Braves too; very curious.

  2. Don says:

    Maddon just had a news he is going to bat longo 1st, SHopp. 2nd and Brig 3rd, this way there will be no one on base when any of them hit thus creating a lot less pressure and they all can get out of their slumps,
    PLUS BJ will bat 4th just in case one of them does get on he can strike out and take all the pressure off eveyone else for the next inning.....Baseball according to Maddman!
    If Longo did bat 4th yesterday with a HR and a single..
    YOU think he would have had more than 1rbi...........just asking?

    • Tone says:

      Don, Maddon makes some weird moves for sure, but you have to give the guy some credit for the part he has played in helping this team this year. Not many people can helm a club with so many weaknesses, start 1-8, and have them sit at 1st for as long as they did. I do get a kick out of your perpetual hate though; keep it up and GO RAYS!!!

      • Don says:

        Tone, the only thing I "hate" are ignorant people...which I think your not one of.....right??


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