This was simply an awful loss, no other way to put it.

You spot a kid making his first start in the bigs a five-run lead in the first inning and you lose 6-5? Really? You chase an unexpected starting pitcher early and you can’t score another run? Seriously?

Joe’s just about had it with Reid Brignac. Cool guy. Love his banter on Twitter. But no matter how nice of a guy he is, there has to be some offense there.

Perhaps maybe if Brignac put his smart phone down a little more and spend some extra time in a batting cage, he might be able to hit slightly better than his weight. Then again, look who he has to turn to for guidance from a hitting instructor.

If the Rays had any kind of a shortstop who could hit, this game would have been locked up, a series win.

Why not try SRod at short? Zorilla was once a shortstop, why not him? In his many stints with the parent club prior to this season, Brignac has never displayed an ability to be a decent, consistent hitter. He still hasn’t through the first month of the season after being handed a starting job.

Joe can forgive a guy who doesn’t hit well so long as he makes contact and has an outstanding glove. Brignac does not make any sober person forget Omar Vizquel or Ozzie Smith and the guy strikes out as much as he gets a hit. Disgusting!

Oh, and John Jaso, lest anyone not remember, is still a liability behind the plate.

What happened to the killer instinct? The Angels were all but buried but allowed to get back in the game.

Damn. That’s two games tossed away in this series.



  1. Don says:

    Amen...been saying for a days now Breign. is DONE..HE can not hit...S rod at ss only answer
    Enjoy your time off boys it started after the 1st inning today you could see in in their attitudes..."we have this game won..can't wait for the beach tomorrow." TOO BAD A COACH/MAGT. CAN'T SEE WHAT US dUMB FANS CAN SEE IN THE STANDS. a RAYS LAUGHER (WIN) GOES TO THE Angels.......

  2. Jason says:

    you cant blame a loss on management, Im sick of the local fans and media banging on Joe Maddon, the guy is class and he wins with less. FACT. He believes in his guys to a faulkt sometimes, but you have to believe a move will be made soon for Brignac... My best guess is Zorilla at SS and SRod at 2b on most nights, and just leave Joyce in RF, vs righties and lefties... he is straight mashing right now... a BAD loss yes, crippling? no... we'll get it back. This one is for the win in Chicago when we scored 5 in the 9th to chace Thornton, baseball gods are even. If Weaver would've pitched we'd have lost anyway... Dust yourself off and keep fighting, more games to win-

  3. rayalan says:

    Jaso had as much to do with this loss as anyone. The willd pitch/passball that allowed Hunter to third. The throw to second that allowed the game to be tied. Even without a bat we need Shoppach behind the plate for defense purposes. He has been blocking pitches that Jaso let get by.

    Rodriguez at second Zobrist at short and Joyce in right everyday!!!!!!

  4. Mike says:

    I have been saying all along SRod needs more playing time. I don't understand why he gets so little PT. Put him at short. I agree.

  5. cubfanraysaddict says:

    I would certainly prefer an avg/obp players with the same wOBA for that spot in the line-up, if I had the choice. I am still a fan of Brignac (great D and some pop), but I am definitely looking forward to Hak-Ju Lee more and more (even without his recent performance).

  6. Jim says:

    Zo duped? Hardly. Zobrist made exactly the play that was correct in that situation. The infield was back so there was no looking the runner back, he was off on contact. Zo was hoping for the tag & throw to disallow the run, but when it became a choice between chasing & tagging Wells and only getting one out he made the throw to first, then they still got Wells. Zo wasn't duped, Wells made a smart baseball play and Zo made the best play possible in that situation.


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