Joe is really enjoying this Rays season, and much of why was all wrapped up in one game tonight as the Rays spanked the Tribe.

First, there was the resurgence of the Legend of Sam Fuld. Dude snapped an ugly streak at the plate with three hits, a couple of RBIs and a stolen base and nearly had yet another crazy diving play.

Then, there is the Magic of Kotch continued. A pair of hits and now Magic of Kotch has a batting average of .352. With Magic of Kotch’s superior glove, again, someone kindly explain with sober logic why Kotch is not the everyday first baseman for the Rays.

Not to be outdone was Matt Joyce, who is really bolstering the top of the batting order. Joyce very well could be the biggest surprise of the young Rays season. Thank you Tampa Chamber of Commerce.

Oh, and hacked off David Price dominated the Tribe for seven innings, snapping the Tribe’s 14-game home win streak. David Price pitching angry makes Joe a happy man.

This was yet another fun game to watch. And whoops, more baseball is about 12 hours away. Cool!



  1. pete says:

    It feels like 2008.



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