In 2009, the Rays used their first round draft pick on LeVon Washington, a high school outfielder. But when the deadline to sign picks came and went, Washington went unsigned. Two years later, Washington appears to be regretting that decision.

In a recent interview with, Washington spoke about turning down the Rays’ offer…

“It was a crazy decision I made,” Washington said. “If I had to go back, I’d probably never turn down a million dollars again…I was really excited when it happened with the Rays,” he said. “I could have been playing two hours from where I lived. I thought it was a good opportunity, but then, they didn’t want to sign me. I was mad.”

Wait. So he wishes he had taken the offer, but he is mad that the Rays didn’t want to sign him? How does that make any sense?

At the time it was reported that the Rays had offered Washington $1.1 million, which was close to Major League Baseball’s slot recommendation. But Washington’s dad told the Gainesville Sun that the Rays had a better offer on the table prior to the draft and accused the Rays of not wanting to sign Washington.

Washington went back into the draft and was selected by the Indians in 2010, eventually signing for $1.2 million. He has played 15 games for the single-A Lake County Captains, hitting .182 with 19 strikeouts and 3 steals.



  1. Sledge says:

    Given Washington's single A stats, it seem to me that catching prospect OConner ( the comp pick for Washington) is a better fit for the needs of our system and we ended up better in this instance.

  2. Jordi says:

    So he got more money. Good for him.

    • Andy says:

      Not really. When you factor in the time value of money, he lost out. If I gave you the choice between 1.1 million now and 1.2 million next year, are there any of you who would seriously opt for the 1.2 million.

      Not to mention that if he is ever good/fortunate enough to play MLB ball for seven years and declare free agency, he will now be a year older, and slightly less valuable when he does so.


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