Guess who is back with some more Rays-bashing? Yep, it is and their bevy of writers who may or may not be desperate for something to write about. After Mike Ozanian suggested that some in baseball want the Rays contracted, Tom Van Riper chimes in with an idea that is even more ridiculous.

The current collective bargaining agreement, which expires at the end of 2011, does prohibit any “centralized effort” by the commissioner or the clubs to contract teams. But it doesn’t prevent an individual owner from closing up shop if he chooses. So if Rays owner Stu Sternberg decides he wants out, “it’s difficult to force an owner to keep an unprofitable business going,” says Borden…Unless Charlotte or Las Vegas is ready to help Sternberg build a stadium, maybe he will just have to close up shop.

So, let us get this straight. Stuart Sternberg owns something that is worth $331 million according to And a writer at thinks Sternberg will just throw it away because he may or may not be turning a profit.

Did we get that right?

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Hey Tom. If you ever own a really expensive car and come to realize that it is not helping you get laid. DON’T THROW IT AWAY. Just give it to us. K? Thanks.

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  2. Steve says:

    Its not surprising that a magazine focused on business doesn't specialize in actually analyzing things. I'm sure the Forbes archive is filled with glowing recommendations for that dynamic outfit out of Texas (Enron) and the financial services juggernaut (AIG) along with the numerous stories about what happens when the DJIA tops 20K. For Sternberg's part he's used to working in an environment (Goldman Sachs) where the financial media pretty much believes whatever you say so this whole thing makes perfect sense from an "Alice in Wonderland sort of perspective."

  3. Hosstyle in Tampa says:

    "Mike Ozanian suggested that some in baseball want the Rays contracted..."

    Yeah, their names are: the New York Yankees & Boston Red Sox...

  4. Sean says:

    Man I can't handle Forbes. I read that article and the Ozanian piece, then I scrolled down and realized they could have an entire archival subheading called "Hating on Tampa Bay/the Rays". There were 5 hotlinks to other pieces bashing this baseball market on the page with this article alone. Messed up. MLB got in bed with the Yankees and the Red Sox, made them the centerpieces of the league, and now they get pissed when other markets don't draw -- in spite of the fact that they feed the monster by not having a salary cap.

    If there was a cap in MLB, it would force GM's to be smart. We already have a genius FO. I wonder how well the big-market teams would draw, or how nationwide their fanbase would be, if they had to work with a cap.

    I wonder.


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