The Rays have announced that Dan Johnson has been designated for assignment and has been replaced by Justin Ruggiano. In addition, JP Howell has been activated, with Rob Delaney, being sent back to Durham as expected.

Of players this season with at least 50 at bats, only two players have a batting average lower than Johnson’s .115. He also has just one home run and a .165 wOBA (that’s not good). Ruggiano was hitting .301 with 6 home runs and a .398 wOBA at triple-A.



  1. brett says:


  2. Bob says:

    Nice guy with some memorable moments, but it needed to happen….

  3. Scot says:

    A smart NL team will sign Johnson for little. I envision a Pat “the bat” repeat. (Okay, I have no idea, but I always liked Johnson’s approach to a plate appearance and I wish him well.)

    He was the right move. Resigning Pena at 10 million was not (and still isn’t given that Pena SLG is < .400)

    The smart money at the beginning of the year was on Johnson and not Kotchman or Farnsworth. But this action gives us another reason to accept the fact that randomness plays a significant roll in our lives.

    I'm still not convinced about Kotchman, but adding Ruggiano gives the Rays more flexibility since multiple players can cover 1st. So it makes sense.

    • Derek says:

      My money was on Farnsworth from the start. Smart money was never on Johnson, he just didn’t cost too much money, so why not?

      The difference between PTB and Johnson, is that one of those had several very successful years, the other spent time in Japan.

      • Scot says:

        In comparing Johnson and Kotchman, the smart money was on Johnson. I agree in comparing those two and PTB, it is PTB all the way. %$# happens.

  4. Joe says:

    I love JP but the other part, Ruggiano?

    I mean if they MUST wait for some magic date to pass for Jennings then where is Guyer? I don’t get that part.

    • KillaTapes says:

      I agree, would def prefer Guyer over Ruggs, but he has been raking lately so maybe he stays hot

    • Derek says:

      Guyer isn’t really an improvement to anything we have, so why not let him chill in the minors, maybe he learns how to take a pitch or two. His bat doesn’t excite me, unless he learns to take some pitches.

      • KillaTapes says:

        Here’s my take on it- He’s an improvement over Fuld, and DanJo. He’s put up similar numbers to Ruggs in the minors, but is younger with more upside. Ruggs has never played all that well in the majors from what I remember and he’s getting older.

      • Kevin says:

        Guyer has a .392 OBP. Walks aren’t everything.

  5. Deezy from Durham says:

    Hey guys! I am happy about being promoted now that that clunker Dan is gone. My .387 wOBA (good hitting), 6 homers and .500 Slugging (good power), good defense, and 9-9 SB clase clip (good speed) make me a nice 5-tool player to take over LF, where some Legend is only hitting under .240 with zero power.

    Oh, wait?!? I wasn’t promoted. What?!?

    • Des from Durham says:

      Stop stealing my bit. But you forgot to mention that in addition to everything else, a lead off hitter is what the Rays need most offensively.

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