Three years ago on Rays Index we learned that Evan Longoria was being promoted to the big leagues and would make his first major league start that night.

The Dirtbag Get’s The Call: Evan Longoria To Start Tonight [Rays Index]





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  1. Beth says:

    Wow, I forgot that Jason Hammel was part of the Rays starting rotation in 2008.

    Here's what I best remember about Longoria's first game: when he came up to bat, the TV camera panned to the box where his family was sitting, and you could see Evan's mom covering her face with her hands. She couldn't watch! He did, I believe, get a hit. I loved that moment because it reminded me that although WE were watching an elite prospect destined for glory, SHE was watching her baby. Having sat through a number of little league games with my hands covering my eyes, I really understood how she felt.


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