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In his latest blog, Tom Jones writes about the TV rating for the Rays as compared to the Lightning, who are currently in the playoffs. Jones points out that the Rays had far better TV ratings when the two teams went head-to-head, but that twice as many people showed up at the Lightning games.

While trying to explain the numbers, Jones misses an important factor: the popularity of each sport. No matter what you think about the Rays or the Lightning or the location of stadiums, baseball is still a far more popular sport.

That being said, if you are a Lightning fan, or just a fan of hockey in general, you are going to be much more inclined to find your way to the St. Pete Times Forum for a mid-week playoff game, than a Rays fan is going to try to get to The Trop for a mid-week showing against the White Sox.

Does stadium location have something to do with that? Maybe. But even if the Rays played next door to the Lightning, we would still expect a playoff game to outdraw a Rays game mid-week. People love an event. And the NHL playoffs are an event, whether you are a fan or not.


  • Here is what the playoffs would have looked like the last 15 years if there was a second Wild Card team. [Business Insider]
  • James Shields was named the AL pitcher of the week. Also, JP Howell will start Thursday’s game for single-A Charlotte Stone Crabs. Look for a mid-May return to the Rays. []
  • The Rays are a good defensive team, except when it comes to stopping base stealers. Marc Topkin writes about what the Rays are doing to change that. []
  • Dan Johnson feels he has just been unlucky so far, and that the hits will come. []
  • Here is some shocking news: Elijah Dukes has been arrested…again. []


  • Norfolk 5, DURHAM 2: Edgar Gonzalez gave up 4 runs in 7 innings, including 2 home runs…CF Desmond Jennings was 1-5 with a double and his 6th stolen base…C Robinson Chirinos went 1-4….RF Brandon Guyer was 1-4.
  • MONTGOMERY 5, Mississippi 3: Chris Archer gave up 3 runs in 6 innings on 5 hits and a walk. He struck out 6…SS Tim Beckham, who often reminds us of BJ Upton, was picked off after walking, and then subsequently ejected for arguing the call…DH Henry Wrigley doubled, homered, and drove in 5.
  • CHARLOTTE 11, Fort Myers 5: Chris Andujar gave up 5 runs (4 earned) in 4.1 innings…SS Hak-Ju Lee was 2-5 with a walk…2B Tyler Bortnick singled and walked 3 times, scoring 3 times.
  • BOWLING GREEN 2, South Bend 1: Victor Mateo struck out 7 and walked just 2 in 6 innings. He allowed 1 run on 4 hits…CF Kevin Kiermaier had 2 of the Hot Rods’ 4 hits and drove in the first run…SS Derek Dietrich was 0-3.





  1. Don says:

    Tom Jones got to stick to singing..Twice as many people "showed up at lightning game BECAUSE it WAs a playoff game...IF the Rays would have had a "playoff game the same night.. 40,000 people would have showed up (weeknight or not)
    The Rays Avg. more fans everyday than the lightning get for the playoffs
    Rays HAVE the fans..they have to get them to the Trop (hey marketing./Sales)
    Lets move the Rays to Tampa....what do you think? 20,000 for playoffs...

  2. Hal says:

    Who goes when JP comes back? Gotta be McGee right?

  3. Rumpy says:

    What if Don was the alter ego of our beloved Merlot Joe?? That would make sooooo much sense!

    • KillaTapes says:

      It's been speculated upon before, but I still really think "Don" is a prank being played on this site. And we're all just fueling the fire.

      • Jim says:

        I have heard a called named "Don" call into Duemig's show a couple of times. And that guy has some similar rants to the point that I am fairly certain it is the same guy. So if it is a prank, it is not just against this site.

      • Jim says:


  4. Carey says:

    On the TV ratings: I really like this ownership group and I agree with them on most of the things they do. But, WOW. How did guys that smart end up with such a HORRIBLE TV contract. IMO, taking advantage of TV (and marketing to real Florida - i.e. everywhere outside of South Florida) is going to be a major component in the Rays financial success - new stadium or not. And the Rays better start getting creative soon. That is, quite possibly, the worst TV deal in all of sports.

  5. Don says:

    Altra ego?...I'm maddon's worst nightmare....Dumig? i call him?..are you kiddingme... he calls me everyday for (baseball) material...he knows very little about baseball...EXCEPT he comes down on MADDON worse than ME and he has a bigger audience....Maybe I could be co-host..we would have Maddon on the fire in about 2 months!


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