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RANDOM THOUGHTS: The Rays and St. Pete Mayor Bill Foster will apparently set aside their difference long enough to make a “major sports announcement” this morning at The Trop. All indications are that it is not baseball related…Rays and Twins will play a double-header on Thursday…Thanks to a shutout, a near-complete game, an off-day and a rainout, the Rays’ relievers have thrown 5 pitches in 5 days. All of those were by Kyle Farnsworth on Saturday…Andy Sonnanstine hasn’t pitched since April 10.


  • Evan Longoria will begin a rehab assignment on Thursday with double-A Montgomery and is eyeing a return to the Rays next Tuesday against the Blue Jays. []
  • Gabe Gross announced his retirement. [MLBTR]
  • High pitch counts early in the season is once again becoming the norm (thanks Amanda). []


  • Louisville 8, DURHAM 3: Alex Torres gave up 7 hits and walked 7 in 4.1 innings, leading to 6 runs (3 earned)…CF Desmond Jennings was 1-5 with a double…LF Brandon Guyer had a double and a walk…C Robinson Chirinos went 0-3.
  • MONTGOMERY 3, Mississippi 1: Joe Cruz held Mississippi to 1 run in 5 innings, striking out 3 and walking none…CF John Shelby hit his second hime run and SS Cole Figueroa was 3-4 with an RBI.
  • Fort Myers 12, CHARLOTTE 10: Alex Koronis gave up 5 runs in 4.2 innings. He struck out 5 and walked 3…SS Hak-Ju Lee was 4-5 with his second home run. He also had a walk…2B Tyler Bortnick went 5-5 with a walk, a double and a triple…C Mark Thomas hit his second home run and had 3 hits.
  • BOWLING GREEN 5, South Bend 4: C Luke Bailey’s second home run of the year, was a 3-run trot-off shot in the bottom of the 9th to erase a 2-run deficit…Braulio Lara was touched for 4 runs (3 earned) in 4.1 innings on 5 hits and 1 walk…SS Derek Dietrich went 0-4.

Can’t remember if we showed this before, but here is footage of BJ Upton’s Celebrity Bowling Event





  1. Enjoy retirement, Mr. Gross. 🙁

  2. Beth says:

    Is anyone else a little worried about Longoria's long-term health? He's had DL stints every year he's been up. In 2008 he had been hit by a pitch, so I'll discount that. But last year was the hamstring, this year the oblique. A young guy who keeps up his conditioning routine shouldn't be losing so much time to muscle pulls.

    • Namirsolo says:

      I didn't worry about the hamstring last year because it's a very common injury toward the end of the season and its one that can easily be exacerbated by playing on artificial turf. The oblique strain is worrying, though. Hopefully he won't have any lingering effects from it once he comes back.

  3. Blake says:

    Cork, if Hak-Ju Lee continues on this torrid run he has been on for another few weeks, do you think he could be moved to Montgomery where they have him and Beckham both rotating at SS and 2B?

    • Brixology says:

      Dude is hitting .450 after 9 games. OPS: 1.286. So far, he is at the wrong level. Hopefully it isn't just a small sample size at work.

      • Blake says:

        Yeah, a definite SSS warning with him, but I'd love to see this streak continue. The only problem is, we don't want to send Becks back down with him finally showing some marginal signs of promise. I'd think a rotation would be a win-win in an organization that loves positional flexibility.

  4. DON says:

    I'm affraid Longo borders a little on the sissy side ...he was out a month in 2008 with a hurt pinkie then a month for muscle pull/hamstrings...come on son suck it not that much of a prima donna.....does you sister play?
    We used to have muscle pulls and hurt fingers all the time playing....stay home I don't think so...

    • Jim says:

      "We used to have muscle pulls and hurt fingers all the time playing…"

      Is that how it was back when you were in the show? I think the long DL stints are reflective of a team that is protective of one of their more important players, not of Longo being a "sissy".

    • Joe says:

      If it was Longo's decision, he wouldnt even of went on the DL, he sure wouldnt miss more than the 15 days but it's not up to him, we are always over protective of our guys.

      But tomorrow is a good day, Longo will play in Montgomery and Howell will pitch for Charlotte.

  5. DON says:

    The Rays weren't over protective of their "Best Player" (hitter) when Damon Broke his finger... he was back in a couple of Days...HE is a Man..
    not a CAL. SISSY....REST up Longo its a long season (for some)!

  6. Lroy10 says:

    Was your favorite Ray ever, Carl Crawford a "SISSY" when he sat out the end 2008 season, in the middle of a post season run, with a tendon subluxation in his ring finger, or as it's more commonly refered to on the sandlot circuit as mallet finger?

    No, Carl wasn't then and Longo isn't now, there is a reason team employ team Doctors and send injured players for 2nd and 3rd opinions and as mentioned earlier it isn't allways up to players.


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