The No. 5 starter looked damn good. Dan Johnson and Ben Zobrist played some big-time defense. And Manny slapped a seeing-eye, RBI grounder into left field.

That’s about all there was to celebrate while the Orioles 4-hit the Rays tonight. Yeah, Joel Peralta threw strikes.

Pretty depressing stuff after waiting 5 1/2 months to wash away the stink of the Game 5 loss.

Now Evan Longoria is hurt — lay off the athletic blondes, Longo — and the exciting 2-3-4 of Damon, Longo (strained oblique) and Manny are a combined 1-for-21.

Two good starts, one bullpen fail and the Rays are 0-2.

Earlier Saturday on This Week In Rays Baseball, on WDAE-AM 620, Johnson talked about how the Rays’ skipper tells his team they shouldn’t play by the book; they need to “change the book.”

For Joe, that could have started with Damon bunting with runners at first and second with nobody out in the eighth, but no dice there. Damon feebily popped out. At least there was a millimeter of hope on the final play.

160 to go.





  1. Caity says:

    Well at least were not the Red Sox, but still this loss hurts.
    And it's the first two games into the season, it's still really early.
    We have to be postive, and good stuff will start happening.
    Sheilds got jipped though, he was great.

  2. Sambizle says:

    Rays hitters (the strike 2 in the 9th inning against I believe Elliot J.) and pitchers (the ball call against Price right before the HUGE hit) got robbed by the umps in the strike zone a couple times in both games (Bottom Line : They have to score to win.) but we are not hitting the ball either. The Bullpen minus 1hr have been good.

  3. CC says:

    Am I the only one who knew taking Sheilds out at that point was a bad idea?

  4. Tom says:

    The Rays were down 3-0 with Damon up in the 8th and the pitcher was having trouble finding the strike zone, why bunt?


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