Wow, what a whirlwind day… and game.

When the Rays began the game against the White Sox at chilly Comiskey Park, the team was much more akin to the Devil Rays. Manny Bay bolted the area in a way (Devil) Rays fans were reminded of the immortal Juan Guzman era.

Somewhere, Roberto Alomar was laughing.

But for Rays fans, all of that changed around the time Big Game Shields was chased tonight, looking a lot more like No Game Shields of 2010 than Big Game of 2009 or of last week.

Suddenly, the Rays showed up. Taking advantage of White Sox miscues and getting solid relief pitching, the Rays rallied for the win.

On a Friday no less!

Joe just can’t believe the range of emotions he had today. From the morning disgust of a Connie Chung offense to the (ahem) retirement of Manny Bay (for some reason Joe was not shocked), to the never-give-up attitude of the Rays late in the game.

Friday’s result gave Joe hope. And he didn’t need the use of pregnancy pills to boost his mood either.



  1. Jordi says:

    I am not happy, only slightly happier.

    • Jim says:

      Hell, I'm happy. At least for tonight I am... There were multiple times the Rays could have mailed it in, especially only scoring one with the bases juiced and no outs, but they kept fighting. I don't think our everyday lineup can keep up with the AL East, but for tonight, I'm happy.

  2. Let the haters a pessimist continue to sing their tune, tonight I celebrate. And in September when we finished over .500 or maybe even make the playoffs I'll be there chewing their butts out for being "glass half empty".

  3. Joe says:

    Man for all the loses, the Longo injury, the Manny retirement, forgetting how to hit unless you are BJ Upton, this felt so good.

    One thing still bothers me about today, LF defense means much more than 1B defense and I would much rather have 1B Johnson LF Jennings DH Damon than 1B Kotchman LF Damon DH Johnson.

    And also, I know it's hard for Maddon to not use a platoon but it's looking like Rodriguez is really settling in nicely at 3B.

    • Tone says:

      I agree about Sean. He made some nice plays and has hit too, yet Kotchman pinch hit for him? Maddon must owe his father or something, going back to his Angels days. I think even putting Sean at 2nd would be good; I will take Lopez defense at third to get his offense over Kotchman's. Damon should just be DH now. But Maddon does this, he angers fans all the time, but after last year I vowed to give him a chance since I thought there was no way the Rays could hold on and make it to the playoffs. Man, if they could win 5 in row now, I will actually feel hopeful again. I am stupid enough to buy into them having a feel good team chemistry now that Manny has gone. Damon seems leader'ish.

      • MJ says:

        I've been saying Sean should get his chance at 2b for a lil while now. Love that swing and the defense. Great to see Damon step up after his speech.

    • MJ says:

      As if now I feel pretty good with fuld out there. He looked pretty damn good to me. Leave Damon at DH and fuld in left, at least till he stops getting on base.

  4. Don says:

    DAN the MAN, DAN the MAN, DAN the MAN,
    Since that faithfull night game in Boston getting out a cab and winning for the Rays, he has won more games for the Rays, than Upton & Pena
    put together...But say... Maddon lets bring up another 1st baseman...instead of outfield help.....Elmer FUD and "no hit joyce" will hold up the outfield....sorta like Gabe&Gabe if you folks remember that duo ... can't wait for todays line up...who needs rest Maddon? about Shopp. but hes hitting so good....Just bury Jaso....

  5. Scot says:

    Just as a bunch of losses doesn't make a losing season, one win does not assure anyone of a pennant. At 7.5% probability of making the playoff and the substitution of several wins above replacement Ramirez for sub scrub Casey Kotchman, NOW the season is over. If I were to bet on a non Yankees/Red Sox team making the playoffs from the East, I would bet on the O's. The Rays should be willing to concede this year for future years.

    I'll still watch just like I did in 2006 and 2007, but I won't be expecting a playoff run. (I actually enjoyed 2007 - no game was every over...for either team, regardless of the score. Remember those 10-run leads by the Devil Rays turning into losses, and vice-versa?)


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