Like a lot of Rays fans, Joe believes he’ll always remember Sam Fuld’s diving grab yesterday. Stunning stuff from a guy who’s impossible not to cheer for (even if he went to Stanford).

With that kind of layout in right field, Joe was thinking Fuld’s Ron Swoboda heroics would have sparked the Rays, but Fuld’s catch did nothing but spare Wade Davis’ ERA.

Davis and James Shields should be thanking their maker for all the near misses by Chicago over the last two games. Yeah, that’s baseball, but the Rays are not good right now in any facet of the game.

They made career underachiever Phil Humber look like a solid pitcher.

Maybe some other team will do that for Jake McGee.




  1. CC says:

    Phil friggin Humber. Realy Rays. Wow. What a joke.

  2. Tone says:

    Why the hell is Casey Kotchman playing and not Sean? I am not a fan of Jose Lopez now, no class; but speaking of no class, AJ preaching baseball morality? Man, I wish Maddon would just settled on a line-up; he has tried everything except a little consistency. I want Sean at 3rd, Fuld in Left, and Johnson at 1st. Damon should just mostly DH at this point. He can be like Cliff Floyd, but play more games. Most people would agree with that, yet Maddon insists on being a stubborn lil’ b!tch. Cannot wait to just watch the kids. If this team is to lose a lot, then at least let us fans see some sparkling defense. Is that too much to ask?

    • Beth says:

      If sparkling defense is your goal, why put Johnson at 1st?

      • Sublime says:

        Indeed. Johnson’s glove is not the move.

      • Tone says:

        He is not great, yes; but Kotchman is bad luck and really bad at hitting. 1st base can handle DJ, if he keeps not hitting, then stick Kotchman there. But it makes no sense playing Kotchman unless it’s late inning replacement with a lead. Pinch hitting with Kotch is the most insane move I have seen Joe make, which says a lot since he is super-unconventional. No logic in putting Damon in left anymore, left is more crucial to pitchers. Johnson is serviceable at first. He looks much better this year, must have worked during the off season.

        • Beth says:

          How can Kotchman be “bad luck”? You’ll have to explain that one.

          I’m not a DJ believer. Of course there’s something extremely appealing about a guy who has often been there to hit the crucial home run. But he’s not proven that he can hit above .200 in the big leagues. So if you add to that a weak glove and slow base running, is he really your every day guy?

          Agree about the pinch hitting — I don’t know why you’d pinch hit Kotchman unless everyone else had food poisoning.

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