Joe keeps hoping Freddy Krueger will jump onto the field or burst through the TV screen and interrupt the madness that is the 0-5 Rays. 

It’s that scary. Just gash the right arm, Freddy. That would spice things up. Anything’s better than the reality of Team Stu right now.

But all that happens after every frightening game is Joe Maddon smiles and smiles and smiles some more. Today he reminded Sun Sports viewers that all the Rays are trying so darn hard and, per Maddon, that’s at the core of the nightmare.

Of course, one could make the case that if the Rays are trying so hard and are so dialed in during the opening homestand yet can’t hit the ball, then they’re just a bunch of overrated hitters with an ineffective batting coach.

It’s just nearly impossible not to be depressed, even though logic says the Rays are going to win a pile of games.

When the only guy hitting won’t be in town next season, it all feels like Christmas came last week and nothing was under the tree.




  1. St. Aug Ryan says:

    It is a very real possibility the Rays come home from this 7 game road trip and are 0-12. They can not hit! Too many bench players put into starting roles this year. I hope this nightmare ends soon!

  2. I realize we’re off to our worse start ever and maybe some disappointment is called for, but the level of doom and gloom I’m seeing is unbelievable. The Rays are 0-5, that’s 5 games out of a 162 game season, if the Rays heat up the same way after their rough start to spring training, we still have a very real shot at the playoffs. Just quit with the doom and gloom, if they’re still playing like this in June then I will worry. But enough with the “Welcome back, Devil Rays.” crap. Show a little faith.

    • Beth says:

      can you please share whatever you’re drinking? I’d love to get some of that optimism. Of course I can do the math and know that 5/162 is a small fraction. But there’s no signs of life here at all. It’s not like we’re losing these games by a run, battling to the last out. As soon as the other team scores once, you know it’s over.

  3. Alex says:

    7 runs scored total….7 RUNS TOTAL IN 5 GAMES
    4 of those games they scored 1 run
    4 of those games we had 4 hits
    1 game we had 5 hits

    • Razzlegator says:

      So at that pace, we project to score 226.8 runs this season. Nobody is that bad; are they? We may fall off by that number from last year, but there’s no way we finish with that as a total for runs scored.

  4. St. Aug Ryan says:

    I would love to be optomistic but you are what you are. It is the eyeball test. They show no signs of being a decent hitting team. They have scored 7 runs so far and 4 of those are from home runs. If it is the same come June, they will be 20 games out of first. I wish someone would interview Shelton. Love to hear his thoughts. Go Rays!

  5. joseph says:

    The Rays suck because the owners want to play fantasy baseball…
    ALL the blame should be placed on the Goldman Sachs Geniuses !!!!

  6. Andrew says:

    I got nervous on opening day because Stu was on the big dog hemming and hawing about how MLB wont put up with the stadium situation for too long…and just a lot of negativity. It felt like we went from a culture of winning to a culture of meh. I like Joe, but I don’t think he can combat the culture of meh.

    We can’t hit…meh.

  7. Mark says:

    can we please get rid of Derek Shelton?

  8. Tone says:

    I don’t care how big a fan you are, they are no fun to watch. Seeing Hellickson pitch would be awesome, but we have to endure the offense in the process. I watched the Devil Rays. That is why this season has me bummed out to the extreme. Watching the Devil Rays was unbearable half the time. It could be that ugly for a while. The White Sox are going to destroy this team. Danks and Paulie will crush whatever optimism is actually there. I can already hear Hawk…”You caaan put it ooon the board!!!HeeeYeahh!!!HeeeeYeahhh!!! Sigh…

    • Jay says:

      Agree completely with this. 95% of the fans are smart enough to know where we are in the season — that is NOT the issue. It’s the lifeless, way they are going about things. It’s just plain boring to watch live and on TV — not good when you are trying to build on all the goodwill over the last couple of years.

      • Scot says:

        No, 95% of all fans are sufficiently mathematically ignorant of the basic tenets of probability. The chance that a team that plays between .500 and .600 will lose a specific set of 5 games is about 3%. The chance that during the season this same team will, at some point, lose 5 game in a row – nearly 100%.

        The baseball season is littered with teams that start “hot” (see Royals, Brewers even the Pirates) only to end up last at the end of the season.

        In 2010, the divisional leaders on April 30 were Rays, Twins, Angels, Mets, Cardinals, Padres. Only 2 of those teams made the playoffs.

        In 2009, the divisional leaders on April 30 were Blue Jays, Royals, Mariners, Marlins, Cardinals and Dodgers. Only 3 of those teams made the playoffs and Royals finished last.

        [ Of course people say a playoff bound team has to end the season hot in order to win the World Series. Recent examples of the Yankees (more than 10 straight loses before winning the WS) and the White Sox are examples that counter this claim. . ]

        • Tone says:

          What team are you watching? They suck in historically bad proportions at home dating back to the end of last season. This years line-up is far worse than last years, which stunk most of the time. We all know that it is not impossible for this team to bounce back, but chances of this team contending are super low. But if you feel good and superior to “average” fans, more power to you. It is so funny how people learn a little about saber metrics and statistics and then become experts, which in turn enables them to feel so self-important as baseball fans.

          • Derek says:

            Why does the end of last season matter? Whats the point of just looking at the home record? A lose at home is no different than a loss on the road. Didn’t we have a historically good road record to start the year last year? I remember us struggling at home during that stretch. People were talking about our home record from 09, and how good it was, and that it was so odd that we were losing all these home games.

            What’s this about sabermetrics? Probability is not exclusive to baseball… Scot’s just trying to explain that sh*t happens, but in the end, things tend to even themselves out.

            We lost one significant offensive threat. We might be seeing bounce back years from BJ and Zobrist. I’d say our offense could be better, depending on Shoppach.

          • Scot says:

            Thanks my friend for helping me support my arguments.

  9. WeNeedOurStudsBack says:

    I mean, just LOOK at this horrid depth chart.

    You guys can’t figure out we are 0-5 yet becuase we lost our players from the past world series team?

    How on earth did this roster get decimated in just a few short years???

    They may as well start all the young guys from A ball like the Buccaneers did with rookies.

    You thought the fans didn’t have spirit during last years division title run? Well get ready for some REAL apathy.

    The ownership basically threw the towel in just so he could get out of town. And I don’t blame him. Move the team to Orlando or something.

  10. pete says:


    I know that being a fan of any team has its rough patches but you guys are killing me! Yes the first 5 games of the season have been beyond ugly , but the hitting looked like this at points last year. 4 or 5 games in a row of nothing and then explosion. This will improve.

    The defense has looked not so stellar this year either but it looks to me like these guys can’t quite get a handle on the new astro turf.

    Pitching has been as i pretty much expected with the bullpen looking better then most anyone anticipated.

    I will agree that derek shelton needs to go. he took the zorrilla out of zobrist and it took rod carew to fix bossman jr.

    i will eat my rays hat if this team doesn’t win 90 games. shit if we start 0-12 i will eat my rays hat.

    • CC says:

      “Seriously” Pete 90 games. I hope you don’t like your hat because you will be eating it without a doubt. The defense, the turf has nothing to do with a 1st baseman that can’t scoop a ball or has no range. Cut me a break. And the offense, if you are honest with yourself is not good. Do we have a legit 300 hitter on this team. Thank god for BJ. He may be hitting 300 now but he has never done it for a season. Lets hope this is the exception.

      • pete says:

        Yeah i think we should win 90 games. So be it if i eat my rays hat but its 5 games in and i’m not throwing in the towel just yet.

        You are right about dan johnson … he is no carlos pena.

        longo,zobrist,upton and certainly manny are all guys who “could” hit .300 … and upton actually did hit .300 in 2007.

        • CC says:

          Longo is the only legit .300 hitter on this team and he’s not healthy. Manny is on the downside, Upton career .260 Zobrist career .252. Anybody “could” hit .300 but history tells us different. Pete, I’m a huge Rays fan and go to many games. But I’m a realist, this team has no shot at 90 games. I predict at the end of the year we are at the bottom of every offensive category in the AL.

          • Derek says:

            Didn’t Manny hit .300 last year? Downside or not, he should at least hit .280+. Zobrist looks good, Joyce looks good, Bj looks like a first round draft pick. When you have three guys with 30 home run potential, who are having good at-bats, you should have some kind of optimism. Nobody expects Brignac to light the world on fire, and he replaced a guy that hit .250 last year, so let him play defense and bat 9th. Jaso had a pretty decent year last year, but any decline he has will be negated by Shoppach having a better year. Rodriguez has flashed some power.

            I mean, really, what are you worried about? Other than Longo being out, this isn’t that big of a deal.

            Let’s not forget the offensive beasts that we let leave. Burrell, Blalock, Navi, Hawpe, Aybar, Kapler. Those guys right there prove that we can survive a few weeks with the likes of Lopez, Flud, and Damon.

      • Derek says:

        Has Johnson had trouble at first yet?

  11. CC says:

    Joe Maddon needs to stop all the BS he spews and put the best 9 guys on the field and play ball. Manny has owned Haren and for Joe to bench him is a friggin joke. I’m tired of his BS. Honestly put your best 9 guys on the field and forget about righty vs lefty crap.

    • Beth says:

      But what if your 9 best guys aren’t very good? Then you use platoons to get a little bit more out of them. Maddon always played Longoria and CC every day, for example; Pena as well when he was a decent hitter. BJ plays every day, too. There’s no evidence that Maddon’s taking stand-out every day players and platooning them just for the heck of it.

  12. Don says:

    You think I’M tough on Maddon, Steve Dumic 620 when Off on him yesterday after the game at 5:00 pm calling him everything in the
    book including a liar and a pon for the front office, of course he is correct in both cases but I was surprised to hear it from one of our
    “Media types” but Dumic is pretty much his “own Man”

    • Scot says:

      I agree- Steve thinks only about others and never about ratings. A Maddon is just a pon for the front office. Check out those pods in the bullpen.

  13. pete says:

    only the poor throw from lopez that he failed to scoop up yesterday.

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