Kyle Farnsworth served up the meatball, but Big Papi couldn’t deliver. Beautiful stuff.

With Carl Crawford getting plunked, picked off and thrown out, and Sox fans chewing their fingernails off, this win might have been sweeter than the Sox-clubbing on Monday.

It really felt like it was out of the Rays 2011 master computer plan — superior starting pitching, just enough top-shelf defense, and scratching out runs to win. Maybe there really are another 90 of these in the closet.

Joe liked David Price’s intensity and fire, but he sure seemed to be channeling too much Matt Garza with Jeff Nelson squeeing the strike zone all night. No way that’s going to be good for Price long term.

Anyone else feel like Jonny Damon was absolutely the guy the Rays wanted at bat with the bases loaded?

It’s only one game tomorrow, but it’s never too early to throw dirt on the Sox and get deep into their heads.





  1. Tone says:

    A really fun and intense baseball game. I loved it. Hoping for more. Some good at-bats and good defense. I was not understanding when it came to moving the defense around. Kotchman I get, but moving Sean from 2nd to 3rd was weird. Lopez looked decent at 3rd. My unprofessional opinion is that all the guys were comfortable at their positions, why tweak what was working? But who cares. A WIN!!!!

  2. pete says:

    With the panic our fans showed through the first 8 games , i bet red sox fans are absolutely losing it. which makes me smile 🙂

  3. Joe says:

    Very small chance they actually play tomorrow but hot damn this has been fun. We always do seem to find our game when we go to Fenway.

  4. Wall says:

    And with that.... the Rays win their first series!

  5. Dallas says:

    Nothing better than waking up to see that the Rays knocked off the Red Sox! Great way to win and from reading the recaps it seems Sam is still at it! Can't wait to get back and get to see them play!

  6. Joe says:

    So how bout that pen? First time it was high leverage but everyone except McGee on some bad located pitches has looked lights out. Friedman actually did it, he rebuilt a whole pen in 1 off season with next to no money,

  7. Don says:

    Maddon being MAddman....changing around the Whole infield late in the Game..almost backfired on you Ole Joe...If Red Sox score..I'd still be bitching...and you would have been butt of many sport's nut stories!


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