Hey, with a .239 batting average after today’s clobbering of the Twins, the Rays aren’t even the worst hitting team in the American League anymore.

Not even cold weather can keep these bats down.

ZORILLA! (Awfully fun to type.)

A franchise-record eight RBIs for Zorilla, 19 hits, a good confidence boost for Jake McGee, and more run support and experience for Jeremy Hellickson, who packed in his band of corn-fed supporters in that gorgeous ballpark. Damn, Tampa/Gateway could use an outdoor crib like that.

Joe votes to keep the hot bats in the lineup tonight.

All of a sudden Game 2 of the twin bill seems huge. A sweep is on the table and the Rays can move into a half-game of first place. Surely, there’s some record out there that says a team has never opened 1-8 and led its division by the end of April.

Joe Maddon said Jeff Neimann is getting closer. It would be the latest miracle if he can show that tonght.





  1. Blake says:

    BenZo really knows how to market...tomorrow is Zorilla t-shirt night.

  2. Joe says:

    Do I really have to even comment on Zobrist?

    The lineup for Game 2 is almost the same, the changes are Jaso at C and Elliot at SS

    We got Maddon's career record as Rays manager back to .500, lets get it over now boys.

  3. Don says:

    I'll comment on ZO..you are the MAN.....!!!!!
    8 rbi's and can play 7 positions...TOP that boys.............

    • Joe says:

      Don't sell him short. He has shown a strong arm to at least throw some fastballs and he can't be much worse than Jaso behind the plate.

  4. Joe says:

    J.P Howell has made his 3rd appearance. 7 left til he is back.

    1IP 0HA 0BB 0ER 1K

    Can't wait for Longoria to play tonight.

    Wonder how long JP will be in Single A. I say he makes 5 appearances between AA and AAA so going by that, 2 more and then it's Montgomery time.

  5. I'm disappointed that I haven't picked up a save in eons.


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