Johnny Damon euphoria continues.

See what happens when you pay $5 million+ for a free agent? Some of these guys can really hit the ball in the clutch, though that attendance bonus sure seems out of reach.

More walk-off drama was even enough to get Joe to stop pounding his fist against the wall after Joe Maddon didn’t see fit to have John Jaso bunt with nobody out and B.J. Upton on second base in the ninth.

C’mon Skip, Bossman on third with one out doesn’t appeal to you? The computer has to like those odds. At least Bossman can’t get picked off second if he’s standing on third base, and it was the perfect setup for your beloved safety squeeze.


But the Rays are 6-8 after starting 0-6, and the manager has to get some credit.

Jeff Niemann churning out seven innings and settling in nicely after early trouble was a beautiful thing. Juan Cruz outclassing Jim Thome was great stuff. Keep staring at the mound, Thome.

Time to dust off the broom.





  1. JMS says:

    Agree on Jaso not bunting the man over, for a team that needs to produce by little ball, JoeMa sure hasn't been doing the little ball bunting when it matters. Glad it worked out and Damon covered Maddon's tail again. Niemann has had issues since Maddon tinkered with him last year and said he was "injured" and needed rest. His delivery has been different and he hasn't had near the success of before. Is it any coincidence that the kids all seem to get screwed up with the Rays way of platooning young guys? Joyce, Brignac, SRod, all have had issues as platoon players. Joyce finally getting some playing time and producing, but Briggy looks lost still with the take the strike down the middle philosophy.

  2. Let's finish the sweep! I will have my broom this afternoon! W00T!

  3. Don says:

    Think ole joe (maddon) gets MORE choke up/ blinded in late innings than the players..maybe ole Damon ought to go to Maddon and say "hey JOE maybe we ought to bunt in this situation, what do you think?" then Maddon and Martinez can talk it over and a light could go on...maybe?


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