Mike Ozanian, the writer from Forbes.com that said contraction is “looming” for the Rays, made the rounds on local radio yesterday. Below you can listen to his appearance on “Happy Hour with JP Peterson” via 1010 Sports.

The most telling point that we took from the interview is that Ozanian says the drive behind contraction is high-revenue clubs wanting to cut their revenue sharing commitments, not threats over stadiums or relocation (as we speculated yesterday)…


You can also listen to Ozanian’s appearance with Steve Duemig on WDAE 620 here.



  1. LaughingCat says:

    It is sad to say, but this is the likely outcome. Why? Because of many reason. But our 1980's elected officials should have skipped watching "Field of Dreams". They built a wasteland stadium hoping for a team. Then Cousin Vinny had to re-up a longterm contract. I'm not saying these reasons alone have doomed the franchise. But if the Rays didn't have their hands cuffed, we could be looking at a location centered within the fan base, not skewed to one side of it.

  2. Hal says:

    At least he admits to the possibility of being a "tool." Contraction will NEVER happen.


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