Jonah Keri, author of “The Extra 2%” joined Craig Calcaterra for a short interview in which they discussed, among other things, the Rays slow start. Keri isn’t ready to give up on the Rays, but he wonders if the occasional crappy season is good for the franchise in the long run…

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  1. Des (Durham NC) says:

    There are losing seasons where things don’t fall your way, and then there are losing seasons where you set records of ineptitude, tell your fans the season is over in the first week and totally destroy the momentum you’ve built in the last 5 years.

    Not sure which way the Rays are going, but wouldn’t it be better to have me on the field if we aren’t contending? Is keeping my service time limited that important? At least I’m the future and I’ll be more solid defensively than the guys on the corners now.

    • Derek says:

      Why would it be better? It’s not better for you, because you’re not ready. It’s not ready for the team, because you’re not ready, and having you up would be wasting your potential.

      • Des (Durham NC) says:

        Who says I’m not ready? Only the management bean counters trying to postpone my arbitration clock.

        In 2010, the supposed year of my regression, I played in 109 games for Triple-A Durham, batting .278 (111-for-399). When I was recalled, I led the International League with 37 SB and ranked 3rd with 82 runs scored. And now some 29 year old slap hitter and some 38 year old retread are better than me? Those fellas have single-handledly misplayed balls that have costs us 5 runs in 5 games. I’m at least their equal offensively RIGHT NOW, and am the superior defender for sure.

        Keep on losing with the left field follies if you want. I’m here when you need me.

        • Derek says:

          Now that Manny is gone, you just might get your shot, but we both know you’ll suck for a few months. AAA is not the MLB. See: Hank Blalock, Dan Johnson.

  2. MJ says:

    Well they aren’t going to bench Damon, and they aren’t going to bench Joyce. And Fuld is our second best hitter currently. Patience, young padawan…

    • Sarah says:

      But if Manny has many more “personal matters” come up, how about Damon at DH and Desmond in left field?

      • Derek says:

        Hopefully Manny’s personal matters are legit, and they wouldn’t require us to take action against him. At this point of his career, why would he even sign if he was going to quit before the season started?

  3. Des (Durham NC) says:

    Manny just retired. All you fools thinking he was better than me all winter, I’d like an apology. (And a call up to the Show right now).

  4. Boxauthor says:

    Not sure why all the negativity. So far the Rays have kept pace with the “best team in the AL.” Just wondering if they can maintain it.

  5. Gus says:

    What are the odds that Manny popped a positive? Or that he realized like many before him, life after PEDs is pretty much impossible when combined with the natural effects of aging.

    As the most frequent doubter of Manny on this blog all winter and spring, I think it is a good thing. Good riddance. Guy was bad mojo all the way around. Washed up without his Magic Beans.

    But a tough week for Merlot Joe when you lose your 4 and 5 hitters in the first week after the off-season destruction. Small ball begins tonight. i think they’ve rid themselves of a clubhouse distraction and this is a good development. The Ray was have never been about PED guys and never been about old guys. They are young and speed and smart. Need to get back to that. Tonight.

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