Yesterday was a rough day for Governor Rick Scott at Tropicana Field. Hundreds of people showed up to protest Gov. Scott outside the Trop and hundred (thousands?) more booed Gov. Scott when he threw out the first pitch.

Lee Diekemper wrote about the protest outside the Trop. You can read his account here. []

And here is video of Gov. Scott being booed inside the Trop (via…



  1. D-Rome says:

    I bet most of the people booing didn’t bother to cast a vote.

  2. JimfromNPR says:

    I think it’s disgusting we can’t escape politics for awhile and enjoy a ballgame. Wait till I show up at your damn union meetings and ruin those for yoy

    • Razzlegator says:

      If you don’t want politics involved in sporting events, don’t invite politicians to the event as a guest of honor.

      • Sarah says:

        Exactly. Politicians use these events as photo ops to boost their political credibility; it’s not as though they are there on some sacred public mission.

  3. Jim says:

    He probably exerted pressure and invited himself.

  4. At least he had Rays gear on!

  5. Don says:

    The only people DUMBER than politicians are people that show up at sporting events to “protest” politics…. and media people that write about that bull Sh_t

    • John S says:

      And the reason would be?

      • Don says:

        Not the TIME or the PlACE TO ‘PROTEST” anything! DO I go to schools to protest teachers not doing their jobs and being payed for it?
        Would the media give me coverage?
        AND the reason would be??

        • Vinny says:

          DON you are correct the Media would not cover one guy coming to a school to protest his “OPINION” of teached not doing there job. If they did I would cancel my subscription for wasting my time. If you got a hundred yes the local paper would probably show up. If you brought thousands as in the number at the Devil Rays game you would make the nightly news. Just for Fun, lets replace your anti teacher one person protest with a one person Tea party protest. You could stand on Dale Mabry Avenue with a sign I hate taxes.. cut spending instead. Would Fox News cover it. I seriously doubt it. Maybe if you dressed as a tea bag. Well maybe Not then either. When a few thousand protest or BOOs the Governor of a state it’s news. Sorry if you don’t agree. Hope that answer is clear enough. Earlier last month at the Tampa Yankees spring training game he was Booed and should be BOOed Loudly. The Florida Governor throws out the ball at a NY Yankee game. Really a Yankees game. IT is a photo OP, a stupid one. A Yankees game again Really. Yesterdays in my local paper The Ledger, a photo opp, Governor Rick Scott carries the torch for Special Olympics. Article in the same paper. I read it in The Lakeland Ledger, Gov. Scott plans to cut funding for services for the disabled. Hey those cerebral palsey kids are milking the system they must be in co-hoots with those greedy good for nothing teachers. Another stupid well timed PHOTO OPP carrying the torch, well he must care about the diabled, how touching. Don’t blame the media for taking the photo of our ever grinning Governor…. or writing about him slashing needed funding to programs for the disabled. Just Saying, whats next drug testing the Special Olympians. Just saying. Who voted for this guy anyway. They should be BOOed also.

          • Don says:

            And so is life in LAKELAND…why don’t you go to a baseball game, you could get YOUR picture taken too and DAvis is collecting money for cancer patients, they deserve YOUR support…ARE YOU GOING? just wondering?

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