So it turns out that among the items taken from the house break-in we told you about this morning, was an AK-47 assault rifle, owned by Evan Longoria. Longoria called the gun a “personal item” and would not elaborate further. The sheriff’s office called it “perfectly legal”*.

Meanwhile, Clint Eastwood approves…

But on a serious note…if Longoria wants to own a “perfectly legal” AK-47 assault rifle, we guess that’s his business. But now that the gun is in the hands of criminals, we sure hope the cops get it back before it is used to hurt somebody.

* From what we are understanding, AK-47′s are legal in Florida as long as they are not fully automatic.



  1. Sarah says:

    I’m a little puzzled why he’d need to own an AK-47. But I’m even more puzzled why he would bring his AK-47 to spring training. Does it come with him on road trips, too?

    • D-Rome says:

      I’m in agreement Sarah. I’m all for gun ownership! I’ve grown up around them my whole life. While I believe there’s nothing wrong with owning an AK-47 I have to wonder the purpose of having it at a temporary house/living quarters during spring training. A handgun or shotgun for self-defense sure but an AK-47? I don’t know what the schedule of a baseball player is like. Would he even have the time to go to a range to shoot it for recreation?

      If it’s for self-defense I just don’t think it’s very practical. I have experience with them as well as other assault weapons due to my military service. If he has it for other reasons outside of self-defense then it should have been in a safe. That’s just the smart thing to do.

      • TheRevTy says:

        If Wade Davis and Jeff Niemann can find time to go fishing after workouts, surely Longo can hit up a gun range in his spare time. There are people saying he should’ve kept it in a safe place – why do they assume he just left it out on the coffee table? As has been stated, it would seem very natural for strangers to be wandering through this house, taking stuff out, given the fact that ST is almost over and they’d be moving out. Perhaps the thieves had time to search around for a locked up gun case? I mean, they carried out a 60 inch TV!

        It makes me sick that not only are these guys having to deal with theft, but now the media is running Longo through the coals for making use of his rights to own a weapon.

        • D-Rome says:

          I didn’t hear of a gun safe being stolen. I read that an AK-47 was stolen so chances are it was left in an unsecured location. As for the media they are by and large a left-wing outfit so of course they are going to make a big deal about Longo owning an AK-47. Owning an AK-47 is a non-story to me.

          • Beth says:

            But I think the theft is at least a cautionary tale for gun owners to ensure that their weapons don’t end up in the wrong hands. How will he feel when that gun is recovered after it’s been used to shoot someone in a robbery?

  2. Joe D. says:

    My guess, same reason David Price has a watch that’s expensive enough he needed to insure it, same reason Price has $100k, same reason Longo had a $75k camero, it’s a toy, and why not they can afford it.

    Just sucks that, someone’s got to not only rob them of their belongings but also their privacy. To me this is why celebrities end up hanging out with body guards and walling them selves off from the public and fans, is because of assholes like these robbers.

    What if one of the Rays would have unexpectedly been home when the robbery happened, Sean Taylor incident? Thankfully, right now everyone’s alright, and let’s hope the gun is found safely as well.

    • Beth says:

      Joe D., you are correct to point out that the thieves robbed them of their privacy as well as their stuff. It’s none of our business.

      But the mother in me can’t help thinking, “David, I told you not to bring that $50,000 rolex with you to spring training!!”

  3. Frank B. says:

    My only problem with this is wondering why he’d bother to own a piece of crap weapon like an AK-47 to start with. Come on, dirtbag… get with it and get an AR-15! Show some USA pride!!

    Plus, those wondering why he’d have it with him for Spring Training… remember that the People’s Socialist Republic of California doesn’t exactly have the most 2nd Amendment friendly rules on the books (unlike enlightened states like Florida).

  4. Mike says:

    Evan – buy a gun safe man! They are not that expensive and now criminals know you have guns in your house and may try to break in again.

  5. Jordi says:

    Didn’t those “Defend the Trop” shirts have a pic of an AK on them? How fitting.

  6. IndianaRaysFan says:

    At 56k for that AK I am guessing it was a pre-ban AK. Which can legally are allowed to keep the full auto feature.

    As for the media berating him, get over it. Its his right to own it, yes it probably a toy or just something cool to own. There are large shooting ranges in the area and is probably a fun way to relieve some stress. I highly doubt it was bought for personal protection. I just hope he wasn’t hiding it under his bed, and actually had it locked up somewhere. But my old man’s gun cabinet displayed his guns. Seriously, how hard is it to break a pane of glass.

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