Well, we can breath a sigh of relief for now. It is not Stuart Sternberg. But one of the Rays minority owners, Randy Frankel, has been confirmed by the New York Times as being part of an investment group that wants to purchase a minority stake in the New York Mets. Frankel is part of a group that also includes Doug Ellin, the creator of “Entourage.”

The Times reports that Frankel would sell his stake in the Rays if the group is successful in their bid.



  1. $25,000 to see the Mets' books. I wonder who else will get a look at them?

  2. Derek says:

    Stu needed five other men to open their check books so that they could get 48% of the Rays. Somehow, someway he will come up with enough of his own money to lead a group of 100 to buy a majority share of the Mets.A total of 23 people own the Rays. $320 million divided in half, then somehow split between six. Stu needed five guys to help him come up with $65 mill, and I'm willing to bet those guys each put down a solid number, so the Rays to Stu aren't worth more than $70? million, and that could be a high ball number, but he can just go buy the Mets tomorrow. If Stu actually has hundreds of millions of dollars stacked up in his room, than he should be using it to put a larger share down on a new stadium, because thats just as risky as trying to buy into that shit up in New York.


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