Earlier today we got a little upset about ESPN’s preview of the 2011 Rays. During that video, they had a short clip of Joe Maddon being interviewed. Here is that entire interview. Our one major concern is that it looks like JoeMa should spend a little less time in the sun. He looks a little too much like Jimmy Buffett after an all-weekend bender in Margarittaville…



  1. Don says:

    Joe gave an excellent (insightful) interview he told the truth….”he doesn’t know whats happening or going to happen but he has some excellent help to help him make decisions…his bicycle and some guys upstairs…I assume friedman and even stuie will tell him what to do!

  2. Gus says:

    Cork: JC Romero’s $190K Porsche was stolen in St. Petersburg. Kharma is alive and well in Pinellas County!

  3. CC says:

    I want to tell him what to do. I know its only spring training. But wtf find a way to win some games. I went to the Jays game in Dunedin. What a crappy game to see. A bunch of scrubs played. That lineup should have been playing on some practice field.

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