The Rays made their latest, and biggest set of cuts so far this spring.

The only surprise on the list (via Marc Topkin)  might be Dirk Hayhurst, who seemed like a legitimate candidate for one of the final bullpen spots. The other big names on the cut list today are Tim BeckhamDesmond Jennings, Chris Archer, and Robinson Chirinos. Jennings and Chirinos are likely to be back with the Rays at some point this season. Archer might still be a year away depending on whether the Rays keep him as a starting pitcher or move him to the bullpen.

Other cuts today were Alex Cobb, Dane De La Rosa, Brandon Gomes, Nevin Ashley, Leslie Anderson, Russ Canzler, JJ Furmaniak, Daniel Mayora and Stephen Vogt.

You can see an updated spring roster here.



  1. Hans says:

    Not Ekstrom or Fuld? Man I don’t get it. And Hayhurst gor cut? That a surprise to me too! Think they would like to see what he can do in a longer period of time, coming of Tommy John surgery. Some things I don’t understand: Why did Baldelli start in game 1 of the play-offs and Jennings in 2?? Not playing Joyce, Brignac, S-Rod and Johnson in the last game. And now keeping Fuld, Estrom and Shoppach?

    • Indiana Rays Boy says:

      During the Ron and Ian interview with Joe Maddon, Maddon said that be ready for different lineup changes again this season (which disgust the hell of me). In that interview, there wasn’t a single tough question they asked him. Why waste 1 million dollars on Kapler that is beyond me and that is all on Andrew Friedman…now it is Kelly Shoppach UGH!!!

    • Derek says:

      Joyce and Brignac are crap against lefties. Starting Baldelli was just a horrible idea.

      Flud is out of options, they can’t just send him down. Hayhurst is coming off Tommy John, they problem want him to ease into more playing time.

    • Tom says:

      SRod and Dan Johnson both started game 5. Bartlett (who started instead of Brignac) had 3 of the teams 6 hits.

  2. Joe says:

    So who wants to be the one to tell me why we are still carrying Chris Bootcheck?

    • Indiana Rays Boy says:

      He was a Los Angeles Angel; that is my guess. ;)

    • Derek says:

      They need to carry a few extra arms, so that they have someone to pitch everyday. The starters are only going 5 innings right now. Who is going to pitch after them? You don’t want to ask the big bullpen guys to pitch everyday.

  3. Edward says:

    Im shocked with Chirinos. I thought he was going to make the team after what i heard this morning

    • matt says:

      i guess they just figured that he needed to work on his versatility and figured that this could get him a head start on practicing, hopefully meaning a call up in late april

      • Derek says:

        Unless someone gets injured, he wont come up till September. We don’t need three catchers or five middle infielders.

      • Indiana Rays Boy says:

        This team has too many super utility guys (versatile) on this team, they don’t need anymore of those guys. I am fine with Chirinos playing one position only. As for the bullpen, they need as many arms as possible but I don’t want relievers like Bootcheck and Eckstrom coughing up leads with ease.

  4. Ro says:

    Really bummed about Hayhurst, especially since he only got three innings in A games, but I guess it makes sense that they want to ease him in slowly. Those three innings we did get to witness were pretty great. Surprised about Chirinos too.

  5. Blake says:

    Joyce got a hit off cliff lee last wk something ur boys on line up couldn’t do in either game versus lee in post season. U assume they can’t hit lefties bc they aren’t given the opportunity

    • Derek says:

      Congrats, he got a hit in a spring training game. He was also struck out by Lee in that game, and later he struck out against another lefty. I assume they can’t hit them, because Ive seen them against them, and I’m willing to believe Maddon when he says that he needs to be eased into the roll. Im not going to lose games because you want to see Joyce get more at bats. Joyce is terrible against lefties and Brignac is just terrible.

      Lee is one the better pitchers in the game. Comparing two post season starts to one at bat early in spring training is just dumb.

    • Hans says:

      We lost to Texas, even with our better LHP batters. Joyce, Brignac, Jaso and S-Rod won game 4 for us with defense, hitting and excitement. The thing is, you don’t always have to play according tot the stats. When some is hot, ride that hot hand. And when someone isn’t performing (for instance Shoppach) don’t play him, even his stats say he may perform better over a period of time against someone. The same with pitchers, don’t pull someone because of the past. Ride the hot hand. This was my problem with the Rays last season and really cost us a lot of games, even the playoffs.

      • Derek says:

        Yeah, none of those guys did much of anything in the playoffs. Jaso just happen to be in the right spot in the order and hit a well placed ground ball. I think the Rays play the hot hand more than any team. That team won a lot more games than they should have last year, and I think that had a lot to do with Maddon putting the right guys in the lineup.

        Everyone is so worried about the bullpen this year. I’m worried about Jaso, Brignac, and Joyce. These guys are now expected to perform on a daily basis. I’m not convinced that any worthy of a full time spot.

        Shoppach will be the hero this year. I expect Jaso to come back to earth, and Shoppach’s production will help cover Jaso’s lack of it. Pitchers will gun for Jaso this year. I’d be surprised if he out hits the Zobrist of 2010.

      • Tom says:

        S-Rod started game 5 and Bartlett had 3 hits in that game.

      • Indiana Rays Boy says:

        Maddon has mentioned about the fans concerning with the different lineup changes and said “Expect the same this coming season.” He is proving his stubbornness every minute and the reason why they will never win a championship by micromanaging a ballclub. It wouldn’t surprise me that this team will finish .250 BA and offense no hit once.

        • Tom says:

          You mention Maddon is stubborn like he keeps doing things his way and has not had any success.

        • Derek says:

          It’s not smart to judge a team, or manager, based on a best of five series, when two of those games were started by one of the better pitchers in the game. Putting Shoppach in the lineup didn’t lose the games. Price lost them. He was out pitched, twice. Maybe Maddon should micromanage Price and have him learn what offspeed means, actually, he did this, and it seems to have worked, as Price has made a lot of progress with his changeup and might have found his long lost slider.

          Someone from Indiana should know a lot about a famous micro-manager. Payton Manning is praised for it, or do you wish he would just sling the ball around to whoever, whenever?

          • Indiana Rays Boy says:

            Derek, thank you for the Indiana reference besides I am not a Colts fan considering you follow them more than I do ;)

  6. Don says:

    I would have NO major league players on my team that couldn’t hit certain kinda pitching RH,LH or under hand…they would go back to minors until they could….. and I would find somebody to play(hit) against all pitchers!

    • Derek says:

      So you wouldnt have Crawford on your team then. Or Jaso, Brignac, Rodriguez, Upton, Joyce. You would have two players. Dan Johnson and Evan Longoria. Good luck this year Don.

      • Don says:

        You want to try to tell me crawford can’t hit left handed pitching your a moron….Don’t give me some BS stat that his avg is worse aga left handers…HE plays matter whos pitching and hits over .300…do you live in a cave? and your using Maddon’s lineup..
        I’ll BET you jaso,brignac, DJ and even joyce can hit any pitching IF MAddon would let them…not playing 2 times a week.. they’re lucky to hit anyone…
        ask longoria if he only played 1/2/3 times a week what his batting avg would be…..

        • Derek says:

          “your a moron”….. YOU’RE!!!!

          It’s not bs….. He isn’t the worst, by worst I mean he isn’t as bad as brignac, but his career line reads… .270/.315/.382 A .315 on base percentage is pretty low. Considering the average is .330. A .382 slugging is, well, horrible.

          Let’s look at BJ against right handers. .256/.332/.404

          Crawford doesn’t look bad because he is so good against right handers. over .320 batting average the last two years.

          Longoria and Crawford both play everyday, yet one is great vs. both handed pitchers… Longo’s career line: .281/.357/.515

          I don’t want Brignac, Joyce, or Rodriguez playing against same handed pitchers till they can prove they are least average against them. Brignac will never prove this, yet he is the only one of the three with an everyday job, so don’t say it’s Maddon’s fault that they can’t hit.

          • Derek says:

            That’s Longoria against RHPs by the way. He is just scary good, and I can’t wait to see him and BJ carry this team of platoon players to the playoffs.

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