The season hasn’t even started, and yet take a look at what considers one of the big stories heading into the season (click on the image for a larger version; thanks Aaron)…

Just think. Just 25 more weeks of this crap.



  1. I was appalled when I took these screenshots for you earlier, Cork. No problem :)

  2. If you click the link does it say “Cancer will be cured.”?

  3. Raysfan137 says:

    what if… people did watch ESPN ? what if… acronym meanings automatically changed to reflect the character of the network they represent, Especially Superflous Prognosticators Network ?

  4. Raysfan137 says:

    superfluous, typo, sorry.

  5. rayray says:

    What if… I take my long skinny Rays Logo signed by Players bat & shoved it up the four letter’s _ _ _, err, where the sun doesn’t sunshine… Remeber they are chasing us, that’s why they keep spending & we keep winning, how’s that recipe or shall I say put that in your pipe and smoke it ESPN b/c sounds like you’ll already are for the northeast behemoth cities….. Go Rays – defend AL East Div Crown & yes we start taking names & kicking dairy aire April 1 in the Trop…

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