While looking for something else, we came across this pic of Don Zimmer, labeled as “circa 1950s.” However, the picture must be from 1958 or 1959, as those are the only two seasons Zim played for the Dodgers in Los Angeles.



  1. Steve says:

    A funny story about Zim is that in the 1960s he played slow pitch soft ball in St. Pete on a team that rarely lost. Mitchell Homes was the name of the team. At one point the team also included Hal Lanier. There’s an article in the old Evening Independent where a visiting writer from New York complained about the lack of fans at the softball game.

  2. Don played slow pitch softball for a prison team while recuperating from one of his beanings. In his first book, he tells the story of how the team was later disbanded when an outfielder ran back for a long fly and kept running, to a car that was waiting for him to escape!

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