Tim Bekcham speaking with George Hendrick

Joe Maddon offers some praise for Tim Beckham

“[Beckham] cut down on his errors last year, he’s started swinging the bat better, he’s got a different body. He looks really good. He’s
growing up. … He’s getting rid of all that baby fat, he’s really leaning up. He just looks different. I’ve always loved his personality,
though. He definitely has an ingratiating personality. I could see him as he continues to get better as a player, the personality and the
skill level are going to match up.”

This is all promising to hear, but we can’t help but wonder if it is it too little, too late? This will mark his fourth professional season at the age of 21. And JoeMa makes it sound as if Beckham is starting from scratch. If true, Beckham still has a shot at being a contributing member of the Rays organization. But it also means we may not see him in the big leagues for another 3-4 years.

In other words, Reid Brignac’s job is safe for a while. At least until he starts making more money. And even then, the next shortstop of the Rays might be Hak-Ju Lee, who came the Rays in the Matt Garza deal.


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  1. Will says:


    Right now, any good news is needed for Beckham. He has really dropped off of the rankings. My theory has been that he never developed early or prior to now like they expected when they drafted him. You look at guys like Heyward who looked like they were 30 when they were 19. Unfourtunately for Beckham, as you pointed out, he is a little late maturing and is raw as a player. We'll see though.

  2. Dude, 21 means he would still be a college senior. Longoria, Price, Niemann, Sonny, etc were all college seniors once. He needs a break out year, but I think he will be ok.


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