Yesterday we got our first mild scare of the spring when Jeremy Hellickson felt tightness in his hamstring. He still threw his scheduled bullpen session so it sounds like a non-issue.

But the real story in that piece by Marc Topkin is the picture at right, which comes from a video embedded along with the column. That is Evan Longoria and his glorious hair. It is so mesmerizing that we have no idea what Dirtbag actually says during the Q&A session.

We thought it looked like something out of “Grease 2.” Somebody else suggested Brian Setzer signing “Stray Cat Strut.” But we think we can all agree that I really need some baseball games to write about.



  • Marc Topkin reports that JP Howell has changed his delivery and says utility man Joe Inglett, who played for the Brewers last year is a possibility to be added to the spring roster. []
  • Roger Mooney says Jake McGee will be used as a relief pitcher, but that he is not necessarily a candidate to close. Also, Joe Maddon is leaning towards batting Evan Longoria 3rd and Manny Ramirez 4th. []
  • The Rays have seven pitchers in camp that are at least 6’5″. []
  • Manny Ramirez has a 15-year old son that is apparently bigger than Manny. Seth Livingstone spoke with Manny about his son. [USA Today]
  • Noah Pransky feels Stuart Sternberg is just waiting before getting aggressive on the stadium issue again. [Shadow of the Stadium]
  • Dave Wills signed a 3-year extension to remain in the Rays’ radio booth through 2014. His partner, Andy Freed, is signed through 2013. []
  • Rays Colored Glasses takes a look at Desmond Jennings and whether he can make the opening day roster. [Rays Colored Glasses]
  • It looks like Albert Pujols will be the biggest first baseman free agent on the market next winter. But with a strong summer, Carlos Pena could be some team’s consolation prize. [ESPN Chicago]
  • Mike Cameron helped recruit Carl Crawford to the Boston Red Sox. [NESN]
  • Claw Digest has the Stone Crabs’ spring schedule. [Claw Digest]




    1. Beth says:

      My two thoughts of the morning:
      1. Longoria's hair: Is he trying to look like a doofus? Perhaps the potential female attention he gets -- as a guy who is young, fit, attractive, articulate, successful and modestly wealthy -- is so overwhelming that he feels he needs some negative quality to mute his charms. Otherwise I can think of no earthly reason he would do that.
      2. Cameron "lured" Crawford to Boston? No, $142 million lured Crawford to Boston.

      • Andy says:

        Maybe being young and filthy rich just leads him to do what he wants without putting too much thought into it. At his age, it always grows back. Frankly, I'm jealous.

      • td says:

        From what I understand, Longo thinks his hair is a GQ, California style. Having played with a lot of guys from Cali, they always seem to think they are on the forefront of style.

      • Derek says:

        Tolo grew his out for cancer? I believe. Longo did it in support of him.

    2. Jim says:

      Hellickson threw his bullpen session and then had the hamstring issue when doing fielding drills.

    3. New muscle is great, but hopefully Longoria doesn't wind up thickening his lower half too much

    4. nick says:

      He looks like Pony Boy from "the Outsiders"

    5. Thanks for the linkage Cork. We should get all the Rays bloggers together and try to get a meet and greet with the coaches and staff. Could be a ton of fun

    6. Joe says:

      Well, JP says he feels great, Maddon says he looks great and no is denying the shape he is in but still not even ST action but I guess I can't blame them for taking it slow.

      Just don't pull a normal Rays "injury" and have May turn into July please.


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