A few random quotes from Joe Maddon

On Cory Wade: “I find him very interesting and I know Andrew [Friedman] has liked him for a while … he’s definitely in our mix, and we like him a lot actually.”

On Robinson Chirinos: “Offensively, I really like his swing a lot. He fights to stay on the inside of the ball probably as good as anybody in this camp. Technically, he’s got a very, very good swing. Watching him catch, he’s got good hands, and he moves well. … Our meeting with him was very impressive. He’s very motivated and knows himself well. … He is one of those driven guys, and he’s just a very good teammate. … He’s got a very good skill level, but I like the personality, too.”

On Ben Zobrist playing first base: “I think the biggest thing about that is just becoming comfortable for him. … There’s all of these different responsibilities that go with playing that position that he had not done before. Those are the nuances that he’s got to grab onto. … Playing the position, I don’t think he has any problems.”


  • Click “Read the rest” below to see video of Manny Ramirez taking BP off of David Price.
  • The Rays are one of what appears to be five teams that have offered Chad Durbin a minor league contract. The Rays and the Phillies may be the front-runners. Durbin posted a 3.80 ERA in 64 appearances for the Phillies last year. [MLB Trade Rumors]
  • BJ Upton got drilled in the ribs by Adam Russell, but they hugged it out and BJ is believed to be OK. [TampaBay.com]
  • We aren’t sure about the Jimmer FredetteAndrew Friedman similarities, but we love David Price’s quote on whether World B Friedman could hit a big 3-pointer in basketball: “On an eight-foot goal possibly.” [ESPN]
  • There was a big story yesterday about how Carl Crawford was “creeped out” about how the Red Sox investigated him on and off the field last season. But what is underreported is that Crawford knew about this before he signed his $142 million contract. So apparently it wasn’t that creepy. [ESPN Boston]
  • “I like Joe Maddon because of Ben Zobrist. Similarly, I like Ben Zobrist because of Joe Maddon. They are a lot like chocolate and marshmallow. Taken separately, they have their moments. Put them together and magic happens.” [Baseball Prospectus]
  • Dammit Evan. Last week you looked like you walked off the set of “Grease 2.” This week you look like the second-coming of Jethro Bodine. How are we supposed to know what is going on in this video. [Bright House]
  • Joe Smith spoke with John Jaso about his confidence level heading into this season. [TampaBay.com]
  • Fernando Perez will return to switch-hitting with the Cubs. [MLB]
  • Make sure you are checking out Joe Bucs Fan for all your Bucs draft info and buzz. [Joe Bucs Fan]





  1. Beth says:

    So, is it common for teams to do that kind of investigating of players they are signing to big contracts? I can certainly understand the desire to make sure you are not committing the equivalent of some small nation's GDP to a guy who turns out to have a drug problem, or run a dog fighting operation, even if it does sound a little creepy.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I would think it is pretty common these days and I think that is where the confusion might have come from. The Red Sox made it sound like this was something they did just for Crawford. But in reality, it may have just been Crawford this year because he was the only guy out there they were willing to invest a lot of money in.

      • Hal says:

        I guess we can assume they have done the same with Adrian Gonzalez? Because if they haven't, small little blip in the news goes to full-blown scandal.

        • Cork Gaines says:

          Interesting question. Gonzalez was a trade, so it is not clear how long he was on the Sox radar and everybody knew Crawford was hitting the free agent market. But it wasn't really a mystery that the Padres might move him.

    • MJ says:

      "The more we dug on him, and we covered him as if we were privately investigating him. ... We had a scout on him literally the last three, four months of the season at the ballpark, away from the ballpark," he said.

      I understand why they would want to "check out" Crawford, but do the Rays or player's union have any gripe w/ the fact that the Rays #1 rival is following a star player during a pennant race? I can't imagine the Rays would have been OK with this had they known, and I am assuming they didn't. If they did, what could they do though?

  2. Hal says:

    One other thing. Am I the only one who is less than blown away by the Sawx line-up. 1 through 4 looks good, but is not without questions - coming off major injury, switching from NL West to AL East, career contract year motivation gone. 5 through 9 looks really normal to me.

    • Don says:

      They have 4 of the best hitters in the baseball...what else do you need for offense?....4/5/6/runs a game from them..... Baseball version of the Miami Heat...
      I've had FBI background investigations for $50,000 jobs...what's the big deal...business as usual....Media slow day...take any quote for a story..

  3. Bill says:

    Longo looks like the next Kenny Powers


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