I apologize for the lack of posts over the last 24 hours. But on the same day that Manny Ramirez reported to the Rays spring training complex (5 days early, way to go Manny!), my second daughter reported for duty in the Rayshead Army.

Clare Maguire was born yesterday. Mrs. Prof and Baby Prof are doing great.


  • Gary Shelton on Stuart Sternberg and his quest for a new stadium: “…if Sternberg hasn’t given up on Tampa Bay, then perhaps Tampa Bay should not give up on him.” [TampaBay.com]
  • Manny Ramirez has a chip on his shoulder (video). Oh yeah, and all three of his sons are named “Manny.” [TampaBay.com]
  • JP Howell’s new target date

    to return is early or mid-May. [TampaBay.com]
  • Every week through May, the Rays are giving away a free lunch for your office, to be served by Raymond (and maybe other people). Sign up here. [MLB]
  • JB Long spoke with Jeremy Hellickson for a few minutes about his expectations for 2011, being short and his nickname “Hellboy.” [Bay9news.com]
  • We had heard Lance Cormier’s name mentioned as a possible last minute addition to the Rays bullpen, but he signed with the Dodgers. [Miami Herald]
  • There were also some that were hoping the Rays would pick up Russell Branyan to play first base, but he signed with the Diamondbacks. [Hardball Talk]
  • Fangraphs takes a look at how Joe Maddon might utilize different pitchers in his bullpen. [Fangraphs]




  1. Boxauthor says:


  2. Gus says:

    I think the citizens of Tampa Bay would be much more supportive to financing a new ballpark if the Rays would figure out a way to open up their books so that those cynics amongst us wouldn’t read a quote that says “we lost tons of money last year” and not just laugh out loud.

    Amazing that a $43M payroll that is less than the Rays take from central revenue sharing and luxury tax before one of the 1.5-1.9 M tickets is sold, before the first local broadcast dollar is collected, before the first $9 beer is sold can get no scrutiny from the local press. Take it at face value! Stu’s a New Yorker who made his millions on Wall Street. He has to be telling us the truth about this. And how it is all the ballpark’s fault. No need to follow up. Go eat another one of Stu’s free hot dogs, Kobyashi Shelton.

    I like Stu’s approach on baseball matters and his staff. He is a Godsend there. But as to payroll and stadium, he is not giving it to us straight. And nobody seems to want to at least probe there. Without that, we’ll never get any community consensus, especially after the Marlins cried poor and lied all the way to the bank.


    • Tom says:

      Gus, Deadspin leaked the Rays financial statements from 2007-2008 you should take a look at Deadspin.com.


      • Gus says:

        I’ve looked at them when they came out, and what I see if $10-15M of profit coming off the 10 worst seasons in baseball history. But they are also a far cry from a total review of their own books would show. You need someone with an accountant’s background and knowledge of baseball to understand the complete picture. If they are showing $10M in interest expense, that shows an extraordinary amount of leverage (using simple math, $10M in borrowing cost would equal $200M in borrowing at 5% — why do they have $200M in team debt? Should that count as “losing money” — I think not. That is one of many examples. Also, those statements are submitted as part of the Rays’ welfare application to the league to get revenue sharing — they are incentivized to look as bad as possible.

        I don’t know, but everytime I raise the topic, the only things that people can come up with to show that the Rays are not in the black on an annual basis (not counting borrowing/leverage costs and paybacks to management and ownership) is that they sign lots of draft picks. I don’t see it.

        If they want at the public trough, they should demonstrate the need first.

        • Tom says:

          In 2008 their Operating Income (which is before debt) was 14.2 million. This included 35.3 Million from Revenue sharing, 19.8 Million from the MLB Central Fund, and17.7 million from Post Season revenue. They also had 6.2 million in Post Season Expenses. If they had not made the post season their operating income would have been would have been less than 3 million. The Rays ownership is walking a pretty thin line here as far as making money goes.

          • Gus says:

            Are you saying the $11M (I’m going from memory) in “interest expense” payments should not count against their profit? Is it the fault of the Rays fans that these guys bought the team on unreal leverage? Look at it that way, on the a balance sheet meant to make them look as poor as possible, they admit to an approx $25M profit in 2008 (when they were coming off 10th straight losing season, no season tickets, no sponsorship $). Using the old 2008 #s, their MLB payments EXCEEED MLB payroll. So everyone of the 2.0M tickets sold, $9M beers sold, local broadcast dollar, etc. only has to cover team operating expenses. In the black before we get started (especially because the central payments shouldbe bigger in 2011 than 2008). Which was the point I was making.

            And not to ignore the new child, Congrats Cork.

        • Tom says:

          The 14.2M figure is before debt, If you include debt the profit is around 5 million.

  3. Tone says:

    Cheers to your new family member! Good job.

  4. Mike says:

    congrats dude!

  5. JimfromNPR says:

    Forget baseball, and Congratulations Mr & Mrs Prof. My daughter got married this summer, may you have many years of happiness and blessings for you and your family.

  6. Jim says:

    Congratulations, Prof!

  7. JoeRaysFan says:


  8. Nick says:

    Congrats prof!!!

  9. Brixology says:

    Congratulations, Cork!

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