This really shouldn’t be much of a surprise, but Carl Crawford confirms that the Rays never offered him a contract. This comes in response to Crawford being asked if his situation was similar to that of LeBron James leaving Cleveland…

“No, I didn’t LeBron them at all,” said the Rays outfielder of nine seasons. “This situation was different. The thing with Tampa is I never got a contract offer from them either, so it was like I had to go. They gave me no choice. It was totally different.”

We had wondered aloud whether the Rays would put together a creative contract package to try and keep Crawford for another couple of years (creativity is their specialty) or if they would just withhold any offers so as not to insult CC. It turns out it was the latter.



  1. Martin B says:

    I’m sure the talk radio guys will use this to trash the Rays, but really, I think the Rays did the right thing by not insulting him.

  2. Bob says:

    He was offered arbitration, which is technically a contract. I think it would be more insulting to offer him a 4year 60 or 70million deal that was being floated around as creative.

  3. Matt says:

    I completely agree. Of course, they should at least said “Sorry, we know we’re not going to be able to afford you and don’t want to insult you with an inferior contract.”

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I have heard rumblings that this might have actually happened. The story I have heard – and again, this is second-hand, so not sure of the accuracy – is that the two sides may have met as early as last spring, before the season. And that they agreed at that point that the Rays just would not be able to come up with anything close to what he was looking for. So it was kind of a handshake at that point that there would be no hard feelings.

      • Gus says:

        That is what was reported. The only way the Rays could have kept him was a serious injury during the season that would have diminished his value. Instead, he had a career year. I’m looking for some reversion to the mean in Boston (especially because the Rays starters should know that he has serious vulnerabilities in his plate coverage).

  4. Beth says:

    OK — so Crawford was followed by Boston investigators, wasn’t offered a contract by the Rays, and looks forward to playing in front of real fans in Boston.

    So with that said, can we agree that the book on Carl Crawford as a Ray is now closed, and get back to discussing the guys who actually play for us? I feel as though we are all still a little too connected to the player formerly known as #13.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I think this is a little more important than just rehashing past events. I think it gives us some insight into how the Rays deal with high-priced pending free agents. While the Rays dont have anymore of these guys on the immediate horizon, this scenario will crop up again at some point.

      But as far as Crawford is concerned, yes, the story is a little tiresome.

  5. Don says:

    I told you since the beginning….. CC was NEVER offered a contract…..
    Who knows what he would have taken before his great season of 2010,
    plus he WANTED a deal before the 2010 season so he could concentrate on baseball…..BUT oh No… the Rays were not going to make any effort to sign their BEST player of all time….that’s what upsets guys like me… KNOWING they might have been able to do it…BUT THEY WOULDN”T even try!
    If Carl would have turned the Rays down…then the Rays could have told the fans they TRIED and Carl said NO….then what are fans like me going to say??? It was handled very poorly!

    • Razzlegator says:

      It’s more important to push the new stadium agenda than placate the fans. Sorry Carl but you gotta go. You would never accept the deal we wouldn’t offer you.

    • IndianaRaysFan says:

      If the Rays would have offered a contract to CC and he did turn it down before the season he is now the guy ALL SEASON LONG. Either fans would not come out or they have harassed him until the off season. Sometimes you just have to filter what the fans hear.

  6. I will be forced to wonder forever if the Rays had offered him a contract would he have forgone b bigger money to stay where it all began, we’ll never know for sure, but I don’t think he would have.

  7. Japhei says:

    I am actually happier with Manny and Damon on the team then Crawford.

    CC is a great player but Manny brings much needed right handed power and Damon is not a great player anymore but servicable. We did not lose much if you consider the platoon. Plus we saved another 15 million we could use to keep a player like Price in a few years.

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