Yesterday was Joe Maddon’s birthday, and to celebrate he took in the Lightning game, with Raheem Morris. Our very own Joe got to spend a few minutes in their suite. [Joe Bucs Fan]



  1. christopher says:

    Which Joe? Steve, the seemingly reasonable one, or the "low IQ'ed" boorish one?
    & did he ask Raheem if he was actually offended by Trey Wingo's comment(which "Joe" will not let die)about "Radio Raheem", clearly a reference to the "Do the Right Thing" character, & clearly a positive reference?

    "Joe" brought it up *yet again* yesterday, which by now is building a lasting story for all his new readers that Trey Wingo besmirched Raheem Morris with an offensive comment decrying his intelligence. I asked "Joe" point blank if he truly & honestly thought this was Trey's intention, & he simply banhammered me from his site, without an answer. Funny how he labels ESPN a Bolshevik-ian outfit, & then quells simple dissent himself.

    I think I'm offended he gets to spend time with Morris & Madden, that's all. & I'm saddened you're partnered with such an insecure dim reactionary, since your site is quite good. That is all.

  2. JoeRaysFan says:

    Christopher - You are one funny, relentless dude. God bless America.


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