Here is a video of Evan Longoria being interviewed at the Long Beach State baseball team’s annual leadoff dinner. Longoria was the keynote speaker, and he might have said something interesting, but we can’t stop staring at his greased hair. And for the love of GQ, who picked out his tie? [You can read about the dinner at the Daily 49er]



  1. Sarah says:

    It also strikes me how he answers the question of why he chose Long Beach State. He mentions that it’s close to home and has a good baseball program. I know this is silly and naive, but don’t these student athletes at least have to pretend that they go to classes sometimes? I mean, couldn’t he at least have said something about the fine sociology department or reputation for strong undergraduate teaching at his school?

  2. smelp says:

    cork since you weren’t paying attention… he totally gave me a shoutout. but really, he’s a baseball player not a model so whatever floats his boat?

  3. Professor Twain says:

    I agree that the look is hideous but the man may need that look as a babe repellent when he goes out in public.

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