Apparently there are only so many words that Carl Crawford can say with a sore throat. And when doing the math, the Rays did not make the cut. Today, Crawford apologized for not thanking the organization that made him a hundred millionaire…

“My throat was hurting so bad and I tried to limit myself to as few words as possible,” Crawford said upon reporting to spring training with the Red Sox Friday. “If I made a few people upset, I’m sorry about it. Everybody knew I loved Tampa when I was there. I had a good time there. It’s just at the press conference, I was overwhelmed by cameras and I’d never been in this kind of situation before and it just kind of slipped my mind. So to the people in Tampa and the front office, I apologize and I’m sorry about that.”

We never had a problem with Crawford’s lack of acknowledgment, but this excuse is making us reconsider our position. It’s just too bad he didn’t have a sore throat when he was making the comments about how much the Trop would get him down.

Crawford also mentions that he and the Rays came a mutual agreement at the beginning of last year that Crawford would not be back in 2011.



  1. Andy says:

    So you’re going to be MORE upset now that you have an apology? Passive-Agressive much?

  2. Don says:

    “Crawford also mentions that he and the Rays came a mutual agreement at the beginning of last year that Crawford would not be back in 2011.”

    It became “mutual” when CC and his agent realized the Rays weren’t going to MAKE an offer (effort) to keep him…The Rays decided NOT to pay him, and they had nothing to do with making him a “hundred million” or so…. he did that on his own…

    Once again he proves he is a better man than the people he left behind…and now is in a better place to display his abilities!

    • Tom says:

      How in the world does apologizing for having a sore throat “prove he is a better man than the people he left behind”.

    • Tom says:

      I do not think anyone disputes CC is a fine player, I just do not see why you consider his apologizing about not thanking the Rays as such a big deal.

      Interesting CC fact over his career he stole 66 bases against the Sox and was caught only 4 times. He averaged 45 steals and 11 CS against the other 3 AL East teams. I bet Vartitek will give him a huge welcome to the team.

  3. Don says:

    Tom, Carls efforts to smooth things over the hurt feelings of small minded people is proof he is a man in handling himself in his personal dealings, even though he is under no obligation to “apologize” to anyone!

    Andy, don’t mind piling on….just watch the man when he stands next to that little white plate and swings a bat, then steals 2nd, 3rd….home?
    Or better yet… just watch Maddons face!

  4. Joe says:

    From my point of view, it was disgusting and reprehensible that any of our print or tv media didn’t take the damn flight to Logan, with THREE days notice and they would have had a seat at the introductory press conference?! Of course this little fact will be glossed over! The quotes made it looked like he got grilled and it was twisted in context to an extent. And when you go in December to Boston from Houston, its about a 50 degree temperature swing, so yes, he’s going to be hoarse!

  5. Joe says:

    It was “mutual” after the final out was made in Game 5, that Stu went into the clubhouse and THANKED Carl right after the game for his time here!! How messed up is that?! Why not do it later?!

  6. Joe says:

    If we had real media in this town, our present site excluded of course, either BHSN, 28, 10, 13, 8, WDAE, whoever, the Times, Trib, would have made that 3 hour trek up to Logan, take that blue line or rent that car and go through that Ted Williams Tunnel and get over to Copley/Kenmore and PAID THE FREAKIN’ price so that Crawford would have had just questions from the Boston press there!

    • Tom says:

      I can understand why the press would not send anybody to CC’s press conference. These events are not exactly newsworthy, we already new he had signed with the Sox.

      • Joe says:

        Excuse me, because what did happen is precisely and exactly why you do send someone! They had 3 days of warning to get someone there. The kind of quotes that was said would have at least been muted if someone was there. It was too easy just to follow the Boston media quote.

        I do not excuse Carl for what he said. No. But I don’t excuse the Tampa Bay media to at least be there for Carl too.

        • Tom says:

          I do not think it is the Tampa Bay media’s job to “Be there for Carl”. If omething newsworthy happens then they report it, the signiing itself is newsworthy, the press conference is not.

          • Joe says:

            I disagree respectfully, because obviously comments would be made. It would have provided some balance to the occasion.

  7. Jim says:

    This is another indication to me that the Boston media are going to eat Crawford alive. Wait until he has a bad month, or gets hurt and can’t play, or sticks his vote in his mouth. He better be superman, because they’ll be judging him harshly. I couldn’t believe that with all of the injuries the BoSux had last year that they were still being criticized for not performing better. It almost (ALMOST) made me feel sorry for those that were left on the active roster.

  8. Tone says:

    It’s almost baseball time and I am a Rays fan; screw Carl, he is a Red Sox player and I can’t stand the damned Sox. Who cares what he says now, Evil Empire Jr and Evil Empire Sr are getting bad vibes from me here on out. Let’s hope they suck really bad, the opposite of what people expect. Victory will be as sweet as it was in 2008(magical year). I am shooting for a Rays 1st place finish with the wild card coming from Toronto or another division(screw Baltimore too).

  9. John says:

    I thought was going to be tough adjusting to life post-Crawford, but CC is making it easier & easier to move on.

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