“[Manny has been] been working out with a small group of major leaguers, including Pat Burrell and Cody Ross of the Giants, Boston’s Jacoby Ellsbury and the Rays’ Evan Longoria…[Manny] dropped about 12 pounds during the offseason…This year he seemed to be very, very focused,” said Craig Friedman, who leads the elite gym’s innovation team……Since he began training, Friedman said Ramirez shed five pounds of fat and added five pounds of muscle onto his 6-foot frame…”Manny is a fantastic athlete and he hides a lot under that baggy uniform…Now, we’re seeing him move better and he probably feels better at this lighter weight.” [Fanhouse]



  1. MANNYSBAY is looking svelt!

  2. Beth says:

    Does anyone else feel a tad nervous that Manny's working out with Pat Burrell?

    • Dave says:

      But Longo is also there. Longo actually seems like he's serious about working out.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Not as nervous as I am about Longoria working out with Burrell.

      • Gus says:

        Or as nervous as I get when you Google "Craig Friedman Steroids" and the results get you into "Muscle and Brawn" Body Building magazine article on Pedroia's workout framed by ads with juiced bodybuilders hawking their snake oil.

        Look if Manny gets popped for a 100 game PED suspension as a second offender, he just retires back to the DR and the Rays don't lose much. If Longo is caught up in something, then it is all over for the franchise fora long time. I think the history of steroids in baseball is pretty clear: teammates have enormous influence on each other and like peer groups and teens,introduce PEDs around. Oakland. Texas. Houston. Baltimore. All had teams that had PEDs being spread around the clubhouse per the Mitchell Report, the best data we have.

        I believe Manny was a cheater for a long time, that his career is a house of fraud. Without the juice he's a nice hitter with decent power who can't field. With it, he was Lou Gehrig (who still couldn't field). The incentives for him to go back to it are very strong this off-season. He's out of baseball if he doesn't produce in 2011. But I'm more worried that if he contaminates the clubhouse with PEDs that we've got longer term issues than just an underproducing/suspended DH.

        Sincerely Gus, your worried grandmother.

        • Don says:

          Don't worry.....EVERYBODY in that clubhouse has been offered a "little something" to make them a better player...WAY BEFORE Ramirz showed up....either they do or they don't....Longo is a Cal. boy are you kidding me...what is Ramirz going to offer him that he hasn't already seen...get a grip!

  3. robert says:

    Manny is always great in the off-season! Stronger, leaner, faster, come on...


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