Brian Cashman appeared to make it clear that the Yankees would not sign Rafael Soriano when he said the Yankees “will not lose [their] No. 1 draft pick.” He went on to say that he would have given up the team’s top pick for Cliff Lee, but not for anybody else.

But then Jon Heyman had this to say via Twitter: “Yankees still in on Soriano.” Heyman also adds that the White Sox don’t appear to have a need for Soriano, and that the Angels could go after him, but that they need hitting more.

Does this mean the Rays could be a dark horse?

Don’t count on it. In addition to wanting a several-year deal and many more millions than the Rays are willing to spend on a reliever, there is also the indirect cost of two draft picks.  While the Rays wouldn’t have to surrender any picks to sign Soriano, they would lose the two picks they would receive if Soriano signs with another team.

The idea of bringing MFIKY back is a nice one. It is also not a realistic one. Then again, it wasn’t very realistic a year ago either.


  • Chris Archer may have been the best prospect in the Cubs’ system, but Top Prospect Alert says he is only the 6th best in the Rays system (see right column). [Top Prospect Alert]
  • The Yankees talked to the Rays about Matt Garza but were left with the impression that it would cost the Yankees more because they play in the same division as the Rays. [NY Daily News]
  • Here is a good write-up on the five players acquired by the Rays in the Matt Garza trade. [Baseball America]
  • Peter Abraham shows that the Red Sox are one team that is not sorry to see Matt Garza leave the AL East. []
  • Kent Sterling offers 5 reasons Cubs fans should hate the Matt Garza trade. [Kent Sterling]




    1. Don says:

      The simple fact that Borass now represents Soriano puts him out of reach for the Rays, Borass would soak the Rays for everything he could get!

    2. Beth says:

      I'm not sure who Kent Sterling is, but his column is pretty worthless. His point, basically, is that the Garza trade must be bad for the Cubs because the Cubs management is stupid and the Rays management is smart so any trade between them has to be bad for the Cubs. This is analysis?

    3. Rob says:

      If no one signs Soriano, then there are no picks to lose. Since no one seems to really want him Tampa is a default Dark Horse. Can't hurt to offer him a 1 year deal. If he stays healthy, he'll still be a Type A next offseason. Get the picks then. I dunno.

    4. Gus says:

      Why isn't it realistic when the team's payroll is so far below $40M?

      Do we not all agree that between central fund payments and revenue sharing, the Rays are in the black before any tickets or local broadcast revenue is collected with a $36M payroll? I'd say it is pretty relaistic that the MOST important hole on the Rays 2006-2009 (closer) that was filled capably by Soriano should be worth paying the guy.

      Also, Boras just gave up huge years in the Carlos Gonzales deal; he knows the market.


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