A few people have been wondering about Manny Ramirez jerseys and what number he might where with the Rays. Since leaving the Red Sox (where he wore number 24), Manny has worn number 99 with both the Dodgers and the White Sox.

Under the category of “shite we can’t make up,” Manny’s use of the number 99 is actually a shout-out to his hairstylist Montro99. We wrote about this previously when we were curious about Carlos Pena’s “lucky” wristband.

Montro99 is a hair stylist that has been dubbed by some the “hairstylist for the baseball stars.” And in a bout of “full-circle,” Montro99 was responsible for at least a couple of the Rayhawks sported by the Rays in 2008.


  • We’ll have more on this later this morning, but Marc Topkin spoke with several players at last night’s charity bowling event hosted by BJ Upton. Among the topics discussed were the bitterness of Carl Crawford going to the Red Sox. [The Heater]
  • Peter Gammons spoke with somebody at Athletic Performance Inc., where Manny Ramirez has been working out, and they report that he is in “unbelievable shape.” [Twitter]
  • It is behind the “Insider” wall, but Kevin Goldstein has a fun look at what type of players the Rays can expect to nab with their 12 picks (before the third round) in this year’s draft. [ESPN Insider]
  • Phil Mushnick on the Rays signing Manny Ramirez: “Manny “Being Manny” Ramirez to the Rays, managed by team-first guy Joe Maddon ? I give that a week” [NY Post]
  • Even Peter King weighed in on ManDam: “Manny and Johnny Damon with the Rays? Interesting, but probably not very important.” [SI.com]
  • What Manny Ramirez’ new contract may mean for David Ortiz. [WEEI]




  1. dave estel says:

    Long time reader and Rays fan since 1998, love the site...

    Just an update on the article for today (1/25), http://shop.mlb.com has Manny Ramirez listed as #99 and Johnny Damon as #22, when you order a personalized Rays jersey.

  2. Tone says:

    I always want the Rays to win the AL East; but it would taste almost as sweet as the 08' season this year. I like the haters and their low expectations. Rays, please make them look like the fools they are, thank you.

  3. phil says:

    Cork - Need an article on what the bullpen could or will look like for the upcoming year!

  4. dave estel says:

    One more thing, being a life-long fan and full of optimism, I called into The Commish's show (on Saturday - 1/22 on WDAE 620) and posted on Joe Rays Fan Forum:


    We'll see in 10 months...

  5. angrybuddha says:

    Love the Gammons comment. At this point in every off-season, everyone is in the best shape of their lives and they just tweaked their delivery or their stance and they're really gonna have a breakout year. No-one is ever out of shape in January.


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